Calling all Confectioners and Subtlety Creators

The SCA Subtleties list is nearing its 2 year anniversary and now has over 200 members. If you're interested in researching and creating subtleties and illusion foods, but don't know where to start, this is a good introduction.

From the website:

"This list is a forum for (but not restricted to) SCA members dedicated to the research and recreation of subtleties (also referred to as sotelties, soltelties, etc.), entremets and illusion foods within SCA timeframe. We study documented recipes and examples of this food art from the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance sources as well as sharing our attempts at recreating our own versions. This is an exiting element of period cooking that is all too often overlooked. Discussions of period confections are also welcome, as the two are often related historically. All the usual rules are in effect: no flaming, trim your posts, and of course have fun!"