Darius and Roxane Crowned King and Queen of the Eastrealm

Lady Gyszel Adeler gives an account of the recent Coronation of Darius and Roxane of the East Kingdom. Lady Gyszel writes:

The day started perfectly on Scadian time, with court starting "promptly" at 12:30 or so. Duchess (then Queen) Isabella looked radiant in her "mourning" garb of black with gold-embroidered pomegranates and a black veil. She handed out award after award, some done in groups to help move things along. The full court-report can go into those details cuz I sure don't remember them all! About two-thirds of the way through court, Sir Conrad (sp?) and the members of the Bloodguard household came in holding Duke (then King) Andreas's banner, announcing "News from Overseas! The King has overthrown a Despot and a Tyrant and will soon be returning to his Queen". (I'm paraphrasing a bit..sorry) With great joy, Isabella announced that she must prepare to meet her King, and that her heirs must be notified that she would be calling upon them soon. With a (quick?) outfit change, while the bardic champions and other artisans entertained us with poems and songs, she returned in radiant red velvet bedecked with white pearls. She handed out more awards, many of them rather emotionally moving (especially the Court Barony to Baron Cristos (forgot his full name)).

Sometime during this end part, I made a dash for the food. Sorry, being pregnant sometimes takes priority :) I went out to get my feast gear, and by the time I came back in, Darius was already at the front of the room ready to be crowned. As Isabella was about to place the crown upon his head, he stopped her, and made a very unique request. He declared that he wished one thing...to be crowned by the populace of the Eastrealm. He had everyone in the room form a "human chain" by each touching their neighbour, linking us all to the Queen as she placed the crown upon his head. After a victorious yell ("FINALLY, Darius has come BACK to the East Kingdom!"), he called his wife to the front of the room. The gesture to crown the Queen was the same as before...the whole room linked again, and we all crowned Queen Roxane with words from King Darius to the effect of "This is just a small symbol of my love for you". How romantic! (Maybe this is when he yelled the above sentence.! ..I can't remember).

We all took a break for food then, and second court began sometime around 4pm. You've already heard about the "Pirate" Silver Crescent. There was also the "neverending scroll" Silver Crescent...beautifully written, but the scribe got in trouble from the King for not obeying his whims. ;) (All in fun, of course) My memory is already failing me on what other events happened during this court, but I do remember laughing out loud several times. One of the best memories was the Ducal coronation of Andreas and Isabella. The speech given by King Darius charged Andreas' lady with the responsibility of holding the coronet, and making sure that whenever Duke Andreas returns to our lands, he will have a proper ceremony, with the then-ruling monarchs, to receive his title in front of witnesses. After Duchess Isabella was released from her duties, she turned and ran for the door at full-tilt, thus proving her title of "Force of Nature" is well earned ;) We also heard from ambassadors from Atlantia and Calontir, who brought greetings and gifts from their foreign lands, and also announced that they would both be fighting on the side of the East at the upcoming Pennsic wars. Master Emerson True also took a new apprentice in front of us all, and the fealty vows were very moving...reminded me of a wedding ceremony almost. :) Because of the time-crunch, no fealty vows were allowed during court, but Their Majesties sat in state until dinner to receive them.


A link to photos of this wonderful day would be appreciated...

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We'll be glad to publish such a link on SCAtoday.net if someone sends the URL to us, or they are welcome to post it here in reply to Livia's message.