Artemisian Couple Enjoy First Event

Amani and Badbh of the Barony of Arn Hold in the Kingdom of Artemisia share memories of the recent Baron's War event, a first for the couple.

M'Lady Amani writes:

This was mine and my husband's very first event. We had a blast. It was fun seeing everyone in their garb. We loved watching the fencers and heavy fighters duke it out. The feast was yummy. Court was hilarious and moving. It's nice to see a community that cares about each other so much come together. Before this event we were unsure if the SCA was something that was right for us but after this event we plan to join whole-heartedly. Our friends Garath and Magdalena, who accompanied us, told us how much fun it was but nothing they could have said could provide us with an accurate picture of the warmth and sense of community we felt at this event. I think we felt most appreciated when just prior to Court on Saturday evening we made it known that this was our first event and we were brought up in front of the populace and shown the proper way to approach the royals. This made us feel welcomed and cherished. We can't wait to get our membership and attend our next event.

We are also looking forward to attending Baron's War next year and maybe we can convince more of the good people of Arn Hold to attend and help Loch Salann pummel those damnedable Vikings.

Amani and Badbh
Barony of Arn Hold