Grad Student Researches Identity and the SCA

Muirenn ingean Donnduban (Lisa Keith), a graduate student at Central Missouri State University and a member of the SCA, is researching the SCA for her Masters Thesis and would like input from members around the Known World. In a message posted to the Calontir list, Muirenn writes:

Hello everyone,

I am currently a grad student at CMSU and the Seneschal of Stronghold Lost Forest. I am planning to research the correlation between identity and members of the SCA. Hopefully I will find that we all have one! It took a while to get everything finished and through the Human Subjects committee. Below is a list of interview questions that I am asking. Because of the unexpected time crunch I am sending the first wave out over the Internet. If you are interested, please expand as much as necessary to the questions and email them back to me. I truly appreciate your assistance and help in my project. I really anticipate finding out many interesting correlations.

Muirenn ingean Donnduban (Lisa Keith)

Please send all responses to:

Interview Questions:
Please fill this information in as completely as possible. Include as much information as you feel is necessary to answer the questions. Feel free to add spaces and expand this as much as necessary. Do not include your personal name, unless you would like for me to send you a copy of the research paper and results.

Demographics: Mundane: Everyday life information

* Age
* Sex
* Occupation
* Geographical Location
* Average Yearly Income: ____ Below $25,000 ____ $26,000 to $50,000 ____ Above $50,000

Society for Creative Anachronism information
(Answer and Explain in as much detail as necessary:)


* Name
* Time period
* Cultural Background
* Why did you join the SCA?
* How long have you been a member of the SCA?
* How did you pick the persona that you did?
* Why did you pick the persona that you did?
* How do you feel about your persona?
* How different is your persona from who you actually are?
* Do you feel that others accept your persona?
* How do you feel about your identity in the SCA?
* What kind of people do you think become members of the SCA? (such as personality types, etc.)
* Who you are in the SCA?
* What do you think holds the group together?
* Does the SCA affect your true identity? If so in what ways?
* Do you attend events? Inter-kingdom? Outside kingdom?
* How active are you within your local group?
* Is it easy or difficult to separate your mundane life from your SCA life? How so?
* Do you feel that there are social class differences within the SCA? How so?
* Is being a member of the SCA an extension of who you are, or more so an escape from everyday life? How so?
* Overall, is being a member of the SCA reason enough to get to know someone, or do you need to know more?
* Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your SCA life?

Who you are at home?

* Tell me what life was like growing up?
* What was your dads occupation?
* What was your mom's occupation?
* Do you consider your involvement a hobby or a lifestyle? How and why?
* Were your parents members of the SCA?
* What is your normal day life like?
* What do you feel about the community which you reside in? Are you an active community member?
* Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your personal life?