Academy of St. Gabriel Web Site Boon for Heraldic Research

The Academy of St. Gabriel, a non-SCA volunteer service which helps with name and device research, offers a website for access to their services. The site contains links for questions concerning research of names and devices for SCA purposes. They have about 60 volunteers on hand to help find references and answer questions.

In addition, they have received approval from the Laurel Soveriegn of Arms to allow submission of their reports instead of photocopies of the sources they supply.

They also accept applications for volunteers for the Academy.

The Academy of St. Gabriel does historical research on names and heraldry, primarily for history hobbyists interested in re-creating medieval and Renaissance Western cultures. The Academy will give you information about the authenticity of your name or arms; and if they believe it could be more authentic, they will suggest ways to improve it. However, they cannot help you with questions about genealogy or family arms. They also generally do not help people trace the origins of modern surnames.