Two Knighted in Oertha

Mistress Margaret Anne of Somerset reports that Prince Dietrich and Viscount Cyrus were offered knighthood by Their Majesties of the West at the recent Coronet in the Principality of Oertha.

Mistress Margaret writes:

Dietrich and Cyrus, after completing their vigils and taking a ceremonial bath in the river to wash away the old and be anew, presented themselves to His Majesty and was joined by Sir Georg and the visting knights from centeral West and were made into the two newest KNIGHTS!!!!! Of Oertha Sir Dietrich was gifted of a chain that was Sir Sagan's and a belt that was Sir Georg's, Sir Cyrus was gifted with a chain of Sir Georg's and the last knight's belt that Sir Kylson had owned. Clover of Foxfeild (the newest Bard of Oertha) presented a heartwrenching song that details the onus and quest that faces the Knights of the North. There were very few dry eyes and it was a joy to behold the ceremony. There were so many wonderful things that happened this weekend that I can't remember them all but I get to have a proud mommy moment as my youngest daughter Hillary (who is using the name of Sybilla in the SCA) received her AoA from Dietrich and Rosalyn. Wow what a way to make a parent burst with joy.

I hope that everyone has a safe journey home and that all people of Oertha enjoyed this past weekend.

Mistress Margaret Anne of Somerset