Pennsic Range Welcomes Young Archers

Children will once again be welcome on the Pennsic Archery Range. The Honorable Lady Roewynne, the Youth Archery Marshal, is seeking help and ideas to make the activity more challenging and fun for young archers. It's becoming easier to find fun activities for children at the Pennsic War. Young people have always been welcome on the archery range, but providing them with suitable activities is a challenge. THLady Roewynne, the Youth Archery Marshal, is seeking ideas for interesting shoots.

Roewynne writes:

"(We will be) having shoots with different themes. Basically it would consist of novelties (3 in the morning, repeats in the afternoon, or new ones if we get enough shoots.) The minimum shoots we need would be 21 (but on that we can repeat two days worth of them). The range would be open for these "Theme Days" Fri-Fri, except Tuesday of the Champions' Shoot."

Youth Archery needs help with the shoots, especially if people can bring targets and prizes. Prizes will be needed for each shoot. Some themes that have already been chosen are "Hawaiian Luau," "Buildings," and "Heroes and Villains."

The preliminary schedule for Youth Archery is as follows:

Friday, Aug. 8th - Youth range opens. (Tentative-check Archery Marshall's Tent on the range for types of shoots and times)
9-10 open shooting
1-2 open shooting
11-1 novelty shoots
2-5 novelty shoots
Youth Range closes at 5pm.

* Aug 8 - Friday: Holidays (anything - I have a bulls eye already need 2-5 more)
* Aug 9 - Saturday: Buildings (slots)
* Aug 10 - Sunday: Heroes and Villains: (friend/foe shoots)
* Aug. 11 - Monday: Mythology (anything)
* Aug 12 - Tuesday: Range CLOSED
* Aug 13 - Wednesday: Buildings repeated
* Aug 14 - Thursday: Heroes and Villains repeated
* Aug 15 - Friday: Woods Walk
Pennsic Youth Archery Championships 10-1pm
Championship shoot should run 30-60minutes.
Open range from 1-5pm

Youth Archery Championships

Time: Friday Aug. 15: 11-1 Youth champion competition (shoot should take about 30 minutes to complete)
Ages 9 and under, 10-13, 14-17.

To qualify:
Youth must be on range and shooting two previous days to qualify for Youth Archery Championships on Friday. Any youth may shoot the youth archery champion range in the afternoon, when it will be open to all.

Range Closing
5pm the range will close for the rest of Pennsic.
Help in clean-up will be very appreciated at 5pm.

For more information, contact THL Roewynne at