Rabid Yale Hunt

The Romans are invading!!! Prepare yourselves for the games! The Romans are invading Rabid Yale Hunt! Rabid Yale 7 will feature a roman theme in A.S. 41 so gather your gear and your garb and come enjoy the gladatorial games!

When: July 21st through the 23rd
Autocrat : Lord Talorgan Bron MacOnnist
Feastocrat : Lord Ajax Theron Marius

Come Enjoy The Games! Presided over by Senator Titus Arealus Augustus! Featuring Sir Cecil Hagan as the Yale! The Romans are taking the Yale Hunt by storm this year so plan for some fun in the sun and gladiatorial games while we cheer on our favorite gladiator (or yale). Enjoy the spoils of Rome as you feast the weekend away and maybe wander down to enjoy our own backyard "Roman Bath". Featuring all your favorite pastimes! Combat! Merchants! A&S populace vote! Roman Feast! Saturday Night Trade Circle hosted by Lady Xene Eirenikina. Merchants Welcome; Must have SD Sales Tax License and contact State Game Fish and Parks prior to event

Site Info
No Site Fee!
Camping Fees: $8.00 per tent per night
Located at the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area; Campground 3 outside of Pierre SD.

Merchants Welcome; Must have SD Sales Tax License and contact State Game Fish and Parks prior to event.
Make Checks payable to Shire of Coldedernhale
Cabins must be reserved early!! Contact the State Game Fish and Parks Department. www.campsd.com or call 1-800-710-2267

Feast Fee (For the weekend - Friday night through Sunday morning) $18.00 12 and under $5.00 Lapsitters Free Friday Night is pot luck night; bring something to throw on the grill or munch on while we welcome each other back to the hunt! Feast to feature a Roman Theme

Rabid Yale Tourney Saturday morning after authorizations. IF forcast is for weather above 95 degrees tournament is even earlier saturday morning.
Feast saturday 6:00 p.m.
Trade circle at dusk Saturday
A&S gathering after tournament and pick up fights are done.
Possible authorizations friday night if enough marshalls are available

Rules Of Combat
Rabid Yale Hunt Tourney
Roman Gladitorial Fighting
*Fighters will randomly be assigned a role:

  • Dimachaeri- Two Swords
  • Hoplomachi- Spear and Round Shield
  • Mirmillones - Gladius and oblong shield
  • Retiararii- Carried a trident and a dagger (spear and sword)
  • Thraces- Curved sword and small shield (Square or round).

* Our sponsoring Senator and the crowd will be activily participating in the outcome of bouts. We encourage everyone to attend as the victor will be chosen from among the brave.

* Fighter There are certain occasions when the audience or sponsoring senator may call forth a "catervani" when he wants small groups to fight instead of one on one

* Most gladatorial fights were not lethal, so when a fighter struck once they are incapacitated. Struck twice in the same bout they are dead. Normally a victorius fighter will look to the senator and the crowd to get the signal to spare or dispatch their opponent from the tournament. The gladitorial may also disregard this (or even accidently) strike them twice - taking them from the fight making them die. The senator and crowd will probably not like this though....

* At any point the crowd may prompt the Senator to "release the Rabid Yale". The Yale (Sir Hagan) is a fercious beast with two fighting horns (florentine) who SLAYS the gladiators. The gladiators may flee or face the beast but must strike twice to stop it. In fact enemy gladiators may wish band together to face the Yale. Even smited, a yale regenerates and come to life for future bouts. If you flee you lose all your "victories" but stay alive.

* Incapacitated fighters may return to fight in the tournament later. Dead fighters stay dead though. Fighters may wish to just start slaying opponents but beware the Senator and Rabid Yale.

* After a set time ( depending heat and number of fighters) the games will be called a close. A tally will have been kept of the number of victories. The crowd will also be involved in choosing the victor.

* The fighters who fight with the most flourish and style please the crowd. Winning the crowd helps win the games.

After the tourney we will have melee's. Romans vs. Barbarians. Only Romans may use shields. Only Barbarians may use spears & bastard swords No Greatswords Both may use polearms Romans use javalins Barbarians may use bows Not totally accurate but fun. Location:
Shire of Coldedernhale (Pierre South Dakota)