Seraph Ball: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Bring goblet, plate and dancing shoes To rid yourself of weekday blues. Come dine, come sing, and mostly dance, And mayhap try a game of chance. From summer's heat and blazing Sol To Voyagers, come one and all!  

Their Excellencies Jason and Morgaine, and the College of the Voyagers, bid you welcome for an afternoon and evening of dancing, dining, singing, gaming and more dancing! In honor of the Bard's clever comedy, come dressed as your favorite fairy, faun or flustered lover! (Please remember that there will be children in attendance so some discretion in attire is advised.)

      The afternoon begins with English Country dancing. Fear not if you're a bit rusty for our Dance Mistress, Countess Ealasaid nic Chlurain, will have you on your feet in no time, and you'll have another chance to dance the night away after dinner. Light refreshments will be served during the afternoon dancing.

      There will be a dinner break during which those who have purchased a seat at the feast table will enjoy a whimsical repast prepared by Baron Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux and his sous-chefs. Restaurant maps will be available for those who are dining off-site. Baroness Gabrielle is seeking two adult servers to help with dinner.

      If you are otherwise engaged during the afternoon, please come join us for the evening! Dancing will resume after dinner. In addition, Dame Selene Colfox will lead a Bardic Circle and the Inn of the Crimson Spade will provide games of skill and chance for those who wish to play. Enclosed candles and lanterns may be used on the patio.

      There will also be a Dessert Potluck in the evening. Dame Selene is sponsoring two dessert contests: Best Use of Summer Fruit and Best Dessert Mentioned by Shakespeare (or made of foods mentioned in his works). A recipe with full list of ingredients must accompany all entries, as well as the relevant quote(s) from plays or poetry for that contest. For non-contest entries please include a list of ingredients with your dish to assist those with food allergies. With all the delicious desserts, it's a good thing that there will be plenty of dancing in the evening!

Non-member surcharge: $3.00
Children: 12 & under are guests of the Barony
Note: The Dinner Fee is separate from the Site Fee

Noon : Site opens for setup
1:00 pm: Afternoon Dance session begins
5:00 pm : Temporary cessation of dancing to permit dining
5:30pm: The onsite dinner commences
7:15 pm: A brief welcome from Their Excellencies, followed by More Dancing, as well as the Bardic Circle and gaming at the Inn. The winners of the contests will be announced during dance breaks.
10 pm : Sadly, our revel must end and we must restore the hall to its normal pristine state, hopefully with the help of those in attendance 11pm: Lord Tomaso da Barbiano and Lord Morten Skovridder must douse the lights.

Dabney Hall, CalTech, 1200 East California Blvd., Bldg. #40, Pasadena, CA 91125 (626-395-6811) For a map, consult and look for Bldg #40 For parking: There is a small parking lot across California Avenue next to the Keith Spalding bldg. There is also parking on California, Holliston, and in the structure on Holliston. Be sure to read all parking signs carefully! Location:
College of the Voyagers (Pasadena, California)