A Great Warriors and Warlords!

Kitab Beg of Coille Stoirmiel, in the Kingdom of Northshield, shares his memories of fighting in his first melee, the recent Warriors and Warlords XIII (WW).

Kitab Beg writes:

I would like to share my thoughts and experiences at WW. As many of you I auth'ed in heavy Friday Morning. You may say 'big deal', but nevertheless, after waiting fifteen years for that moment, rose the emotional levels as to winning a crown tourney. Which is my ultimate goal; maybe I will someday. Compounded by receiving the Northshield Standard, my jaw just dropped.

Being in my first list was awesome! The torch light tourney -- I won't forget it, or my first bout where I looked at my li'l 48" pole vs. a big 6' pole. First thought that entered my mind was, "Oh crap!" Well, the stronger wording version of oh crap. How did I wind up on the winning team after losing every bout? Master Chandler (sp) mentioned that makes me an unbelted champion. Is this true?

Melee was such a blast! Oh, heck yeah, I can't express the joy to be able to be out there. Your Excellency Hrodir, any thought of changing your name to Hrodir the unlucky? You know you're my first melee kill? Hear the snickering? Actually I am very honored that my first was a fighter of your caliber. It boils down to the fellowship and the fun we have out there while learning. Were some folks afraid to be my legs? I hope to be included into battle plans to be taught so I improve as well. I hate being the "fat kid" last picked for the team, don't you? It fine and dandy, if you think I am an inspiration, but I like to be respected too. Everyone is an inspiration on that field.

Finally, I like thank so many people like Hawthorn and Toki for working with me so I could auth, including two individuals who no longer play, Sir Duke Conn, and HRM Jafar. To the marshals for allowing me try within the rules. House Grey Fox for support and the include to the festivities Thursday night. We are blessed with such wonderful people throughout the Kingdom, Thank you.

VIVAT Northshield!


Kitab Beg,
NorthShield's War Chariot
Coille Stoirmiel, Northshield
12th Century Muslim Seljuk Turk