Dreiburgen Summer Arts

The Barony of Dreiburgen celebrates the Culinary Arts on July 15, 2006 by having a variety of classes and a potluck luncheon.

Site fee: $5.00 for SCA members plus $3.00 for non-SCA members. Please bring proof of membership.

Place: St. Michael's Epicopal Church at 4070 Jackson Street, Riverside, CA 92503. The event will take place in the parish hall of St. Michael's at the corner of Jackson and Hawthorned.

Directions: Please take whatever freeway possible to 91 in Riverside, exit on Van Buren Street going east, at the corner of Van Buren & Magnolia turn right onto Magnolia. Continue down Magnolia till Jackson and turn left. You will find the Parish Hall of St. Michael's at the corner of Jackson and Hawthorne, across from Hunt Park.

Set up: 9:00 am. (It will be a little bit later than usual, because the church feeds the homeless on Saturday mornings.) Starts: 10:00 am

1st set of classes: 10 am - 1 pm
2nd set of classes: 2 pm - 5 pm
Closing Court: 5 pm.

THL Miguel Estaban Franco de Los Rios of Castillo Solaz has put together an excellent menu featuring a gaggle of geese and their assorted stuffings. So the next is up to the populace. People with their last "modern" names starting with a - i, please bring desserts; j - r, please bring side dishes & starches; and r - z, please bring entrees (can be vegetarian, meat, or fish). Please bring a list of ingredients that you have used in the making of each dish.

Baron David and Baroness Adelicia of Calafia have graciously agreed to come up and teach their CAST IRON COOKING. (Can anyone in the Barony offer crash space for Their Excellencies and THL Maggie MacDonald???)

Plus we are going to have Mistress Edwinna teach about HERBS.

THL Donal will be teaching the MAKING OF HYPPOCRAS.

THL Maggie MacDonald of Calafia will also be coming up to either help Their Excellencies of Calafia or to teach her own class.

Lady Petronel will be teaching a class comparing modern life in the Middle East and life during the Middle Ages.

Regretfully Baron Darius will not be teaching his class on working with metal to make bowls, etc. due to the heft, etc. of the items he would have to bring just to demo it.

THL Illuminada will be running a contest based on "O! My Goodness, I've just spilled food on my tunic, now I have to make a new one!!!" Tunics will be given to the Baronial Gold Key for newcomers.

We will also be having 4 food-related contests:

  • Best Appetizer
  • Best Entree
  • Best Dessert
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Please bring a list of ingredients used for each dish. Extra points will be given for period foods &/or drinks with documentation.

Your Friendly Event Stewards: Lord Eoin Mac Cumhail (John Kingsbury) and >>THL Miriam bas Levi (Judith Kingsbury), email Location:
Barony of Dreiburgen (Riverside, California)