Outlands Fall Crown Tournament & Caerthen Baronial Investiture

Their Royal Majesties Bela and Claudia though strong of heart and powerful of will, find it time to seek an heir to the thrown. A challenge has been sent to one and all, ready your armor and prepare for battle. The day has been chosen, the location set, come one come all to this fine event.

This day will also be the Investiture Ceremony for the new Baron and Baroness of Caerthe.  Come join us for the joy and ceremony of their Investiture and celebration of our new Heirs to the Thrown. Crown Tournament Site

The Tournament location will be in the overflow parking for the Willis Case Golf Course, 4999 Vraine St., Denver, CO.  Directly across the street from the feast site.

Tournament Location
Willis Case Golf Course (overflow parking area)
4999 Vraine St.
Denver, CO

Feast Location
El Jebel temple
4625 W. 50th Ave
Denver, CO

Site Fees:  
$8.00 for site only (ages 8 to adult, under 8 free!!!)
$11.00 for site only (Non Member, ages 8 to adult)

Feast cost:  
$18.00 for feast only
$9.00  for feast only (children under 13)
Off Board Seating will be available!!
*Family cap is not available for feast as the meal is catered and charged per person

Event Schedule -
9am - Opening Court
Directly following Court - List Opens;  Tournament Begins.
Evening Court - Directly following the Tournament.
Feast to begin - After evening Court

The site allows for staking of tents and ample room for the Royal Viewing Gallery, all competitors tents, hundreds of viewers.   Warlord Tournament The Kingdom Warlord Tournament is to be held September 10, 2006 at the same location as Crown Tournament.  The Warlord Tournament is to begin at 10:00 am and continue until completed. Feast Hall information The feast is to be held at the El Jebel Temple, 4625 W. 50th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80212.  The Imperial Ballroom in the Shrines Temple is the largest ballroom in Colorado.  

There is no alcohol allowed to be brought into the hall, as they have a full liquor license.  There is a cash bar located in the hall for those wishing to imbibe some alcoholic beverages.  Bottles of wine and champagne may be purchased from the cash bar.

Feast Information:
The meal will be a 4 course meal.
Roast Pig - The roast pig will be brought out on a table and carved as it's served.
Roast Chicken - Chicken will also be available for those not wanting pork.
Fried potato wedges
Potato and Leak Soup
Fresh veggie crudités or house salad
Assorted steamed vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots

***Reservations Accepted Until 31 August 2006***

***Feast will be available to a limited number of Gentles the day of the event Reservations are strongly Recommended !!!!

To make your reservations email: crownreservations@yahoo.com

Autocrat:  Lord Ulrik Halvarson remodelspecialist@comcast.net

Merchant Coordinator:  Lady George - ladygeorge99@yahoo.com Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Denver, Colorado)