Atlantia: Coronation of Ragnarr and Anneke

The Barony of Sacred Stone proudly welcomes one and all to the Coronation of Ragnarr and Anneke, for three days and nights of revelry, celebration, combat, cavalry, classes, archery, feasting, dancing & youth activities …the list goes on but our space runs short, and the crucial information yet to be given!

Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center
804 Cedar Lane
Reidsville, NC 27320

Site opens at 7 PM Friday, September 1 and closes at 10 AM on Monday, September 4. (Those arriving early or staying late will be put to work per the autocrat)

Restrictions: Pets permitted on a leash. Fires allowed in only designated areas (pre-existing fire pits). You may bring stoves and the like for cooking. However, no food may be cooked or prepared in the cabins. Swim in the lake at your own risk. Alcohol is permitted on site for those over the age of 21. Please be prepared to take your empties and trash home with you.

It is advisable if you have a cart to bring it with you, as parking directly by the cabins is prohibited.

Martial Activities: There will be a team tournament. Each team must be compromised of a rapier combatant, an armored combatant, and youth combatant. All 3 fights will be completed and the winner of 2 or more wins the point. There will also be a 3-man heavy team tournament. Each fight will be one on one and only 1 Knight is allowed per team. Additional fighting is also planned on Sunday; check the event website for additional details. Contact His Highness Ragnarr with questions.

A&S Activities: The Tempore Atlantia competition for 1250 to 1492. There will be several competitions including Best use of the Unicorn and/or Lion, Best use of the Fleur de Lis, and for the period of 1250 to 1492 Best piece of Metal Casting.

Mistress Susanna will be coordinating all A&S activities; please check the event website for additional details (such as the air conditioned classroom!

Did we also mention the air conditioned main hall for dancing/newcomers/etc?). If you have questions please contact Mistress Susanna at

Feast: Saturday night's feast (in the air conditioned main hall) will be prepared by Count Valharic Aurelius. Seating is limited to 175 for $6 per head. There will also be a feast on Sunday (also in the air conditioned hall) prepared by Lady Graciela for $5 per head with limited seating for 175.

Cost: (All prices are for all three days). NMS Surcharge of $3/person will apply without proof of membership. Day Trip: $10 before August 21st - $12 thereafter (Hotels convenient to site ( All reservations along with your completed reservation form, available on the event website, should be mailed to Lady Alesia: If you want to be in a cabin or camp with a group of people, PLEASE specify a group name on your reservation form. Note that the Reservationist will be at Pennsic for the entire two weeks. Reservations postmarked before the deadline will be processed in the order in which they arrive.

Merchants are welcome, but you MUST pre-reserve for the event to receive a space. Contact Master Robear de Bardoulf: for arrangements.

Equestrian Activities: There will be Cavalry tournaments following the theme of the event. For a Cavalry Information Packet, information about the tournaments, riding or bringing horses on site, please contact the Cavalry Marshal in Charge, Lord Afshin Darius Autocrat: Ld. Jonathan Blackbow

Co-Autocrat: Master Robear de Bardoulf

Website: Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Reidsville, North Carolina)