Outlands Mancos Faire Combines SCA & Ren Faire

Thomas Munro of the Durango (Colorado) Herald visited Mancos Renaissance Faire, which while "full of the delightfully 'olde' fashioned, is also determinedly in the present. Refusing to take itself too seriously, it emphasizes good fun over self-important historical accuracy."

The Faire was staged recently by members of the SCA from the Kingdom of the Outlands, in particular Charlene Swansen, the youth coordinator for the Mancos Public Library, who helped create the faire as an outlet for her curious and active 11-year-old son.

"But the Mancos Faire is not an SCA event and is not designed so much for those already dedicated to the fantasy as it is for those - most of us - who have wondered once or twice what it would be like to fight with a broadsword."