Attack Laurel Academy

Laurels, are you bored? Looking for something to do? Not enough strife in your kingdom? Then "this could be the career for you!" Join the Attack Laurel Academy!

"The Grand Secret Council of Laurels (GSCL) is looking for rabid "talent" to help with its mission to destroy anything and everything post-1600 (1650 in some Kingdoms - check your local customs) at SCA events to uphold the standards of authenticity that have made the SCA and the Laurels the world-respected institution they are today.

Stop laughing.

We need you and your insanely exacting standards to apply to the new and exciting Attack Laurel Academy so we can expand our Dark Dominion over all living things that happen to have a passing interest in pre-1600 (see previous note) history.

Don't just research history - enforce it on others!"