Pictures, Articles Wanted for SCA Projects

Vallawulf has announced that he is looking for help on several ongoing projects for the SCA.

  1. Crown & Coronet Identification

    I am hoping that Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, Their Royal Excellencies, Their Excellencies, Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Tanists, Tanistas, Barons, Baronesses, Thegns, Bannthegns and other crown and coronet wearing types will assist with this project.

    It started long ago, but came to fruition (via frustration) at Estrella War 2006, when a nice young lady said, "Who's that in the crown there?"

    I looked over and said, "I think that's a count."

    My friend said, "He might be a viscount..."

    Another said, "I can't tell. That's a weird crown. Never seen one like it before..."

    I couldn't stand it any longer and walked over and met His Now Majesty, Then Highness, of Calontir, Semjaka, who was kind enough to not COMPLETELY laugh at our perplexed looks and explained that He was the Crown Prince.

    So...the idea for this publication/Website was born. Kind of like a bird identification book, where you can tell the bird from the profile, etc., only for crowns and coronets.

    Soooooo...if you have photos of your crowns and coronets, I would LOVE to receive emails with these photos. Front, back, side, top, inside...whatever will help identify you from a distance. If you have more than one, GREAT! If you are a Duke or Duchess and also have a County coronet or a Viscounty coronet, we would love to see those too...give the artisans their day in the Please also tell us who made your crown/coronet and what it's made of. Put us in touch with your crown maker! S/He probably has LOADS of photos!

  2. The Super Secret (Read: Not Quite Fully Developed) Project

    I can't tell yet what this project will turn out to be (it involves paint, though, I'm sure of it), but...if anyone has photos of coronations and investitures of kings, queens, princes and princesses, I am looking for great photos of the royals who were being invested that day...

  3. Original or Photocopied Copies of Kingdom/Baronial Newsletters

    I'm sure I'm missing something, but this will suffice for now. Any help is greatly appreciated. THANKS!


Nearly a Year Later...

...and still no photos of coronations. I have found some on the Kingdom of the West History site, run by HE Baron Hirsch von Henford, O.L., Pel., but would really love it if former kings/queens, princes/princesses would send photos that they have of their own coronations.

Also still looking for pictures of coronets/crowns. The kingdom regalia crowns are easily seen online, but baronetcy, viscounty, county and ducal coronets are not...

Also still looking for photocopies/full copies/e-copies (*.pdf) of baronial/kingdom/principality newsletters... THANKS!

Anyone Out There? anyone out there? Can you pleeeeeeeeeze send me photos of your own personal coronets or landed baronial coronets? Thanks!