Choral Mass to be Performed at Lochac Festival

Rhiannon Ewias Ferch Ifor reports that the 3-part Mass (minus the Credo) by William Byrd will be performed at this year's Rowany Festival, April 20 (Easter) in Yass, NSW, Australia. Rowany Festival attendees may want to make an effort to attend a performance of William Byrd's 3-Part Mass at 10:00 a.m. Easter Sunday in the "Piazza del Rosa et Bianca." The performance will be considered a private, religious service, but all who would like to attend are invited.

Anyone who would like to participate as a singer is also invited to do so. Practices will be held Thursday-Saturday in the "Piazza," but please contact Mistress Mathilde to confirm time and place. For rehearsal copies of the music, contact Rhiannon at