World eBook Fair Offers Free Books Through August 4, 2006

In honor of Project Gutenberg's 35th anniversary, the 2006 World eBook Fair has made its online collections available free to the public through August 4, 2006.

World eBook Library Catalogs and Collections

"The World eBook Library Consortia Collection shelves more than 330,000 PDF eBooks in 100+ languages contained in 112 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on the Internet today. The mission of the World eBook Library's Acquisition Department is to add new eBooks 24/7 to our shelves."

The site includes:

  • Full Full Text Search of 330,000+ PDF eBook Titles in 100+ Languages.
  • No Membership Required for Access to eBooks from 07-04-06 to 08-04-06.

Of interest to medieval historians:
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts Collection
This collection includes Celt, Publications by the Irish Texts Society, documents published from 15th century to date: texts in translation, and the originals in Irish, English, French and Latin. (760 PDF eBooks)