Former King of Caid Reclaims Roundtable

Scott Farrell, two time King of Caid, has had some experience in ruling. Recently he put that experience to good use by taking on the role of King Arthur in the American Rose Theatre's production of Camelot. Patricia Morris Buckley of the North County Times (California) reports.

"So I have a sense of what it is to be a king. I've sat on a throne, wearing a crown, in front of hundreds of people," said Farrell at a talk on chivalry given as part of his 'Chivalry Today' program. had previously posted that His Grace was King of the West. He was, in fact, King of Caid. Our apologies for the mistake.

Minor correction

His Grace has been twice King of Caid, not the West. - Lady Ursula Messerschmitt -


Former Caidan King Reclaims Roundtable. Duke Guillaume de Belgique reigned twice in Caid.