From the Court of Their Majesties East Darius & Roxane

On September 14, 2002, Their Majesties Darius and Roxane held court at the St. Elegius Pentathalon for Arts and Sciences in Dragonship Haven. A number of awards were given as reported by His Excellency Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen. Being the Court of Their Royal Majesties King Darius & Queen Roxane held on September 14, A.S. XXXVII (2002) in Dragonship Haven at St. Elegius' Pentathalon for Arts and Sciences Court Heralds: Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, Baroness Rosalind Bennett Reporting Herald: Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen

SCA Name Award C&I

Moment of Silence for Count Aelfwine

Anastrina Ruth O'Carney (Backlog from Tim & Gabrielle) Maunche Aelfgigu of the Hazel Thicket

Dietrich Schuelgengraber (Backlog from Tim & Gabrielle) AOA Sarra the Lymner

Isabella (Backlog from Tim & Gabrielle) AOA Sarra the Lymner

His Right Honorable Lordship Baron George Emerson True, High Seneschal of the East Kingdom Her Honorable Ladyship Baroness Katherine Barr of Cumberland Outgoing and incoming Kingdom Seneschal

Don Arioch the Quick Baroness Mercedes de Calafia Outgoing and incoming EK Marshall of Fence

Wilhelm Ziegler AOA No scroll

Luncanne DiGiovanni AOA Edward MacGyver

Mebd na Lilidh AOA Katherine Stanhope

Ivan Magnuspants AOA Katherine Stanhope

Yon de la Sele Tygers Cub Rhonwyn Glyn Conwy

Anastasia of Bhakail Tygers Cub Kayleigh McWhyte

Olivia Graeme Seamstress to the Crown Dorren of Ashwell

Tammarion di Sidana Seamstress to the Crown Melisande de Bourges & Harold vonAuerbach

Giselle Vanier Seamstress to the Crown Ysabella du Draguignan

Vetivel Bhairavi Seamstress to the Crown Katherine Barr

Lakshmi Amman Seamstress to the Crown Katherine Stanhope

Nicolette Bonhomme Seamstress to the Crown Katherine Stanhope

Rosalind Bennett Seamstress to the Crown Katherine Stanhope

Adela Krynn QOC Julien de la Pointe

Svava of Carolingia QOC Nicolette Bonhomme

Haus von Halstern Blue Tyger Legion Sarra the Lymner

Robert Corpach AOA Tzitzakion of Sarkel

Catherine Shadwell AOA Eilis

Garret Shadwell QOC Elsa de Lyon

Sir Manfred von Halstern (Backlog from Hasdrubal) King's Champion Heavy List Dorren of Ashwell

Sir Manfred von Halstern KOE Edward MacGyver

Linden of Corleis Arche (That's MY Bride!) Court Baroness w/GOA Sunniva Ormstung

Adhemar de Villarquamada Pelican Olwyn ni Chinnidich & Ellesbeth Donofrey