Push for Pennsic 2006

Arrrr! The Canton of Hawkes Keye and The Marche of Norborough Welcome You To Push for Pennsic 2006: It's A Pirate Thing

TROY, OH 45373
07-09 July 2006

Site opens on Friday July 7th at 5pm and
Site closes Sunday July 9th at Noon

Driving Directions: Take I-75 to Exit 78 and travel south for 3 miles on County Road 25-A. The Fairgrounds will be on the right.

Come and see the very first Push for Pennsic water battle. Kids vs. fighters (and anyone else willing to brave the wet), bring your favorite squirt gun and fight for the treasure.

Site - $6 for adults (13 and older), $3 for kids 6 - 12, Children 5 and under are free. $20 family cap (this does not include tent fee or $3 non-member surcharge)

$3 a night per tent.
$5 refundable deposits for Horse stall.

Enclosed fire pits and grills are allowed, but no open flame.

This year there will be separate family camping and "loud" camping.

Dogs are welcome, provided they are leashed and picked up after.

Air Conditioning and Decent showers will be available as we have rented the shiny new building!

Heavy Weapons:
Get ready for Pennsic with our great array of heavy weapons melee battles: Field Battle, Broken Field Battle: featuring COMBAT ARCHERY, Bridge Battle, Press gang vs. pirates (ship battle), and finally, the pirate raid on Tortuga.

Open shoots throughout the day and thrown weapons. Childrens archery with prizes.

Childrens Activities:
Let the kids try their hand at our treasure hunt, there will also be games, crafts etc. And don't for get, THE WATER BATTLE, please bring your own water guns. For more information contact Lady Elizabethe Alles

We will be having a Hafla! Come join in this fun and interesting event.

The July Baronial meeting is scheduled for 10am Sunday morning.

Their Excellencies of Flaming Gryphon, Baron Nicholas of Wicklow and Baroness Soffya von Kulp, will be holding court at the event after fighting and before feast, about 5pm

Best Pirate in Show contest, it will take place after the fighting finishes.

~6:00 p.m. (after Court) there will be a potluck, bring a dish and join in!

A handy-dandy guide on what to bring (feel free to break the rules if ya want (we are pirates after all)).
If your last name begins with:
A - K then bring a Main Course
R - P then bring lots of Desserts :)
Q - Z then bring some Drinks

Dancing will start after feast, by or before 8pm in the barn, and will keep going as long as there are people to dance. Allegra will be the dance mistress.

Special Performance
10:00 p.m. Saturday Night iScandali will be doing a performance of "The Naughty Bawdy Piarate Show" ages 18 and over only

Covered Cooler contest. Time to be announced.
Here're the rules: (Aaarrrrrgh maties, there be no rules... they be more like guidelines, really.) Cover your cooler. Fabric, wood, paper mache, basketry, whatever works for you and makes it look more medievalish than it did before.

Documentation? No way!! (Hopeless overachievers are welcome to include plans or directions and probably won't be fed to the sharks for it.) Bribe the judges!! Tempted to put a little something inside your cooler? Aaaaarrrrrgh, now that's the spirit!! (Mmmmm coooookies!)

See how many doubloons (votes) your creation collects from the adoring public. There's plunder to be had!

The most important rule?? HAVE FUN!

Feast: Due to constraints at the site we will not be offering feast this year. There will also be no lunch available. There are local restaurants near by and maps will be provided on site.

Merchant Liaison: Lady Marisa of Ashgrove Set up is free, but tent fee and site fees are separate.

Martial Schedule
Marshal: Erol
10:00 am List opens, inspections begin
10:30 am authorizations begin
12:00 pm fighting begins
5:00 pm list field closes

The fighting will consist of:
field battles ( non-resurrection )
broken field battles ( timed resurrection )
bridge battles ( timed resurrection )
a boarding action ( non-resurrection )
a pirate raid ( non-resurrection )
pick up fighting ( when time permits )

Fencing Schedule
Fencing Marshal: Ailianor O'Mally
9:30 am List opens for inspections and authorizations
10:30 am Open field melees.
These will be held to work on commands and working together.
Town melees. These will focus on moving objects and defending objects and doorways.
The dreaded defend the chair melee.
We will focus on defending a point as well as attacking it among other things : ) This will include res and working on our stamina!
5:00 pm List closes

Rapier activities will consist mainly of melees, allowing time for authorizations in the morning and pick-up fights after melees. The exact melee scenarios will be determined by the number of fighters attending. Their will be a lunch break likely in between the open field and town melees. Finally, there will be a small prize for the most piratey fighter. So, bring out your poofy shirts, tall boots and "Arrr"s!

Archery Marshal:Fealan macNeil
Equestrian Marshal: Aodhfin Seibert, schedule to be announced.

Important Notice!
The fairgrounds only allows sawdust in the horse stalls. No straw! Location:
Canton of Hawkes Keye & The Marche of Norborough (Troy, Ohio)