Be it known that the Shire of Alcazar de Brioga will once again hold an algarada, a quick raid across our borders, and the festivities that will follow such an occasion. To this end it calls upon any good subjects of Drachenwald to assist them in making this show of strength, be it by force of arms, ability in the arts and sciences or simply with your gentle presence. The place will be the manor of La Vid, by the monastery of the same name, in the Province of Burgos, Spain. This is close to no man's land, yet safe enough for ladies and unarmed men to gather and feast. All are encouraged to come on Thursday and take part in the inspection of local fortifications on Friday. A border raid will hopefully take place on Saturday, during which non-combatants will make merry in many ways. This will be followed by celebrations to the honor of Drachenwald and our natural lords, the King and Queen.

More info at:

The event will be on from Thursday the 28th of September to Sunday the 1st of October.

The basic plan is:
Thurs. 28th: 7pm, arrival, activities on site
Fri. 29th: Travel to historic sites in the area nearby, plus activities
Sat. 30th: Main day of the event
Sun. 1st: Possible trips to other historic sites close by. Many will leave around lunchtime, possibly with a bit more travel around for those that aren't in a hurry. Close: 8pm.

The site
We'll be staying in youth hostel-type accommodation, owned by the Monastery of La Vid. The monks also run a hostelry which offers a limited number of individual and double rooms with private bathrooms. The area we'll be using and the monks' area are separate.

The monastery is situated on the banks of the river Duero, which are famous for its wines ('Ribera de Duero' wine region). The name "La Vid" (the grapevine) refers to Our Lady of La Vid - a 13th century statue of her still graces the main church. Its retable dates from the late 16th c. and it has a beautiful Romanesque doorway. The monastery was founded in 1140 and its buildings are now a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Reservations and prices
Event fee
Friday evening - Sunday: 47 euro or Thursday evening - Sunday: 69 euro.

This includes accommodation in the main building, in beds in communal rooms (with sheets, blankets and towels), and all meals from your arrival till the end of the event. Individual rooms in the monastery's hostelry may be available at an extra cost of 9 euro per night (please reserve early, we're not guaranteed these). We may be able to advise you on other forms of accommodation not too far from the site.

Reservation deadline: September 1st, 2006. People in Spain must make a paid reservation by that date. Those coming from outside Spain may pay at the door, but please confirm that you're coming for sure (for example, when you pay for your plane ticket).

Reservations made after September 1st aren't guaranteed (first come, first served) and may incur in a surcharge. Rooms at the hostelry are not guaranteed, but suject to availability beyond our control. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish one.

Please contact

Please include the following information:
Name, SCA:
Name, real:
Date and time of arrival:
Do you need a ride? (We can't guarantee one but we'll try)
Any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, etc.)
Do you prefer a room at the hostelry? If so, double or single? (Subject to availability)

Sponsoring group: Shire of Alcazar de Brioga (Spain)

Stewards: Aldred (Javier Chaos) and Leonor Martin (Marianne Perdomo)
Leonor Martin (Marianne Perdomo)

Aldred (Javier Chaos):

How to get there
The nearest airports are Madrid and Valladolid. Madrid is served by most major airlines, while Valladolid is used by Ryanair. More info

The main town closest to the event site is Aranda de Duero. Buses and trains travel there from many places in Spain, including Madrid and Valladolid.

Distances to Aranda are: 79 km from Burgos, 170 km from Madrid, 97 km from Valladolid, 116 km from Soria, 88 km from Palencia, 116 km from Segovia.

By car
From Madrid take the motorway A1, towards Burgos. From Burgos take the same, but towards Madrid. From Valladolid take the road N-122 towards Soria. For any other routes, please ask. Car rental: apparently will rent a small 5 door car for about 80 euros for all 4 days, from Madrid. (National/Atesa) rents a small car from Madrid Airport for around 110 euros. These are not reccommendations in any way. They're just here to give you an idea if renting is ok for you or not. Small cars may fill up with just 3 people and their baggage.

By train
The spanish Railway Company, Renfe, has a Talgo train running daily from Madrid Chamartin station to Aranda de Duero. It leaves at 16:05 and arrives at 18:11. The returning train leaves at 12.39 on Sunday. Price is around 23 euro, so note that this slightly slower and over twice the price of the bus.

By bus
Continental-Auto ( travels to Aranda from Madrid and Valladolid. Renfe IƱigo ( travels from Barcelona, via Zaragoza to Aranda. This website has info on buses (in Spanish, please tells us which interests you and we'll phone the company for updated schedules).

Madrid to Aranda de Duero
Buses travel direct from Madrid and Burgos to Aranda de Duero. The company doing this route is Continental-Auto ( There are about 4 buses from Madrid to Aranda on Thursday, 6 on Friday and the price is 9,55 euro. The trip takes about 2 hours.

Schedules at the time of writing are:
Thursday: 08.30, 11.30, 17.00, 20.00
Friday: 08.30, 11.30, 16.30, 17.30, 20.00, 21.30

If you take this option let us know and we'll confirm schedules and prices just in case.

Buses leave Madrid from Avenida de America, which can be reached by bus from the airport, and also by metro (lines 4, 6, 7, 9).

Buses return on Sunday at: 08.30, 11.30, 16.30, 20.00. Location:
Shire of Alcazar de Brioga (Burgos, Spain)