Pelican Elevation Scheduled for Meridian Grand Tournament

Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli is delighted to announce that the elevation of her protegé, The Honorable Lady Molli Rose Kekilpenny, to the Order of the Pelican will take place on Saturday September 30th at Meridian Grand Tournament.

THLady Molli, who has been a leader in Children's Activities and Education for years in our Kingdom, will be standing vigil on Friday Night September 29th. We are very, very proud of her, and of her achievements.

::applause from the peanut

::applause from the peanut gallery!::

A Truly Wonderful Day in Meridies

As the newest member of the Meridian Pelicanate, I so, look forward, to welcoming this Fabulous Lady, into the circle! It will truly be, a day of celebration, for the Kindom of Meridies!