Gathering of the Clans

Ay, tis time once again for the Gathering of the Clans and MY BIRTHDAY! A BALLOON Prize Tourney, a FENCING Prize Tourney, a Chefs of STEEL COOKING Tourney, an ARCHERY Prize Tourney, and if time allows HIGHLAND GAMES TOURNEY, BARDIC till you can't sing any longer!!!

WHEN: July 8 2006, starting at 10:00 AM until the bugs drive us off!

WHERE: at 2252 S. Lodge Dr. Big Lake AK, Rolynnda's and Ardrude's HOME. Take the Parks HWY. to Big Lake Road, right on Beaver Lake Road, (at the Yamaha shop), take the first right (that is S. Lodge Dr.) look for the light brown house with 2 satellite dishes over a Green roof on left. We are allowed to park across the street in the church parking lot.

Site Fee: $5.00 PLUS "UNCOOKED RAW" feast supplies, as follows: By Birth month Per Person, January through March, "UNCOOKED RAW" 1 Lbs. of meat, your choice. April through June, "UNCOOKED RAW" 1 Lb. Starches, your choice. August through September: "UNCOOKED RAW" 1 Lb. Vegetables, your choice. October through December, Breads, cheeses and Dessert. REMEMBER THE "CHEFS OF STEEL" WILL BE PREPARING YOU FEAST FROM THE FOOD STUFFS YOU BRING!!!!!!!

Heavy Tourney: A full on BALLOON prize tourney. Armor inspection at 12:00 noon. Prize will be one of three daggers or a sword. This depends on the number of fighters that show up.

Rapier Fencing tourney: a single sword Prize tourney. (It is all my lady and I are authorized in). Prize may be a Scarf, or a dagger, or something even better.

COOKING Tourney: In the fashion of the Chefs of STEEL, a box of goodies will be supplied and YOU and your TEAM (2 or 3) will decide what to make, with a 3-dish minimum. To start AT NOON. You need to bring ALL of your own spices, including Garlic and Onions, pots, pans, spoons, ladles, fire pit, BBQ grill or Coleman stove. Cooking with charcoal or open flame will earn extra points. You may bring premade stocks and or sauces, but please keep them simple, please do not make a stew and then remove the solids and call it a stock only to add fresh solids later. If you would like to try your hand a period bread making or pies, i.e. Sourdough, which you must bring with you or buy it on sight, in a dutch oven over charcoal, I will mill WHOLE WHEAT for you, but let me know as far in advance as possible

Archery Tourney: another Prize Tourney. Prize to be a minimum dozen arrow shafts, a bigger and better prize if more take part in this Tourney. Loaner Bows will be here, maybe even some arrows.

Highland Games if time allows, Caber toss, Rock throw, Wench Carry, and anything else fun we can come up with.

This is not a 2-day event, BUT there is room for small tents if you wish to spend the night.

Any questions feel free to call or email.

Autocrat: Baron Master Ardrude PenWaer, Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Big Lake Alaska)