A Day at the Tavern

All are invited to come and waste a day playing games and losing coins! Or winning them. July 8th, the Shire of Tri-Os will be hosting a one day event "A Day at the Tavern". (7508 Jennings Way, Fort Pierce. The Lakewood Park Hall). Event costs are $10 (non-members add $3). The Puss-In-Boots opens it's doors at 10 am and you get tossed at Midnight.

Dona Aibinn ingen Artain (Navah, to the phonetically challenged, like myself) is planning on attending, so we are happy to offer the Tavern as a drop off and collection point for the Blankets and Soccer Balls to be collected for overseas shipping. Ask at Res Table for the "Blankies and Balls" Box. (sorry...couldn't resist)

The Puss is a full service Late, late (oh, so very Late) period Tavern with food, drink, games and gambling. At tables around the Tavern you will find all sorts of games for you to play. From Chess to Hazard to Bocce (outside), and more. Our site is a WET site, so long as nobody gets stupid. So bring your favorite libation and quaff one as you roll the dice for Fame, for Coin and for a New Sword.

The Puss-In-Boots Tavern kitchen is open at all times. Buy your Kitchen Coins at the Reservations table and select what you want from the Kitchen Menu Board. You'll pay for your choices with your Kitchen Coins. Please do bring some basic feast gear. A cup, tankard or mug, a plate and your eating utensils, should be enough. If you don't, do be prepared to eat off of styrofoam.

When you register, you'll be given a Tavern Purse and in that purse are your coins for gambling. Why did we give you coins to gamble with? Because that? s the only way to win the grand prize. A new Sword.

Play the games around the room and outside, and challenge others to a wager on the outcome. Win and fatten your purse. Lose and help them fatten theirs. At the deadline (8 pm) the Puss' Patron with the most coins is declared the winner and will be awarded the SWORD.

More questions? Please email myself at _MdmMalice1@aol.com_ or visit the Shire's web site and link over to the event page at _www.geocities.com/shire_of_trios_

Melisenda Alix
Tavernkeeper for the Puss-In-Boots Location:
Shire of Tri-Os (Fort Pierce, Florida)