Regalia Returned to Artemisia Through Circuitous Route

Lady Alsinda de Rochabaron of the Shire of Northover in Gleann Abhann reports on the near-miraculous discovery and return of regalia belonging to Royals in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Lady Alsinda writes:

Who said having a device wouldn't help mundanely? (A True Story)

I simply have to share this tale.

My 18 year old son currently lives with his father in Ansteorra. He is not yet excessively active in the SCA due to school, etc., but I was able to bring him to Gulf Wars XIV, which he enjoyed immensely. His father has never been very keen on the SCA, but his father's fiancé is into the Renaissance Fairs in a big way, which is an important part of this story.

Some friends of the fiancé were helping someone else move into a new house. The house may have been a repossessed house which they were able to buy — again, I do not have all of the details. Suffice it to say that when the new owners of the house were moving in, they found a number of large trash bags and a suitcase in the garage. The new owners were not interested in keeping the 'costumes' inside of the bags, but the friends who were helping them move in said, "Ah, we know someone who might like these!"

So the bags and suitcase were taken to my son's house. As my son, his father and the fiancé went through the bags, they immediately realized that these were not 'costumes' nor 'Renfair' garb — these bags were filled with extremely high quality SCA garb. Next, they opened the suitcase and discovered a complete set of heavy armor! At first, they thought that perhaps the poor owners of these clothes were deceased and were feeling very sad about it. But my son spotted some exquisite matching cloaks, saw the devices on the cloaks and immediately recognized them as Royal Cloaks!

So he began researching on the internet and quickly learned that the device depicted on the cloaks was that of Artemisia. He contacted Artemisia to see if they would like these cloaks returned. That is when he learned that a certain Duke had just moved from Artemisia to Ansteorra and that upon arrival in Ansteorra their moving van (or trailer?) was stolen!

But the Artemisian contact was able to put them in touch with the Duke. The sad part of this tale is that their crowns were not among the garb, nor were the Duke's swords. But the police have been called and they now have additional information to use in tracking down the thieves. From what my son related to me, I fear that they lost many mundane goods and not just their SCA gear.

At the time, the Duke and Duchess told my son that they had been in so much despair over the affair that they had considered simply walking away from the SCA (a momentary depression I expect, but nonetheless). But as they were leaving, my son asked if they would stay in the SCA and the Duke replied that, yes, now he could.

I do not know where this story will end — I hope that it will end with the criminals being caught because of their folly in leaving behind what they doubtless thought were worthless 'costumes.'

And as a mother, I am very, very proud to see that my son knew enough to spot the device, recognize it for what it was and then immediately knew what he needed to do about it.

Honor shall prevail, and the Dream is obviously still very much alive. Vivat!

Lady Alsinda de Rochabaron

Originally published on the SCA_heralds yahoo group list. Republished with permission of the author.