How SCAdians Use Libraries: a Survey

Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa is requesting help with a research project to gather information on how SCA members and historic re-enactors use libraries.

Mistress Jadwiga writes:

Greetings! Apologies for duplication of this missive; please forward as appropriate.

I'm asking for some help on a research project of mine which I hope will benefit SCAdians, libraries, and library users alike. I'm gathering data about SCAdian and historic re-creator use of libraries and research via this survey (see "original article" link.)

I hope to publish the results & share them with librarians as well as SCAdians. SCAdians and historic re-creators, as a group, are heavy book and information users, so knowing more about our needs may help libraries provide better services. I think we will find the results fascinating as well. The results will be posted online and sent to

For data collection purposes, I'd appreciate recieving responses by January 1, 2007. Questions, comments, etc? Email me at Professional Credentials: I received my Master's in Library Science from Syracuse University 1991, and am currently employed as an Instructor Librarian at Drew University. (Please feel free to omit any questions you feel are too personal!)


Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika