Drachenwald Crown Tournament

Polish your armour, climb aboard your steed, and canter down to Crown Tournament on October 13th - 15th, 2006, at Limberg Castle in Austria. Be one of the first to find out who will be rightwise King of this realm!

We invite all of You noble Lords and Ladies to display Your splendor in praise of Drachenwald. Join us in Jubilance on this glorious occasion and give cheers to Your future King and Queen.

The shire of Ad Flumen Caerulum would like to draw your gentle attention to the homepage for Fall Crown Tournament at http://www.sca-austria.org/crown.html.

Take a look to see what is in store for You!

In service,

Markus von Brixlegg, Marianne & Racaire
Event Stewards & Webmistress - Fall Crown Tournament 2006 Location:
Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum (Austria)