Newport Ship Needs YOUR Help

The battle for the most important pieces of the ONLY ship ever to be found dating to the mid 15th Century is about to be lost forever. A SCAdian from Calontir asks for your help in saving the ship. William the Lost writes:

The link to follow is This site has all the details, including where to mail letters. I would encourage all who read this to repost the article as far and wide as possible. Unfortunately, we only have until the 21st of March to get the Newport Council to reconsider.

The website will give a lot of background information on this darkening nightmare. The long and short of it is, they've found a wonderfully preserved ship, dendrochronologically (by tree rings) dated to 1465. They have recovered the center portions (although they have not paid the archaeologists for doing so), and have agreed to recover and preserve the bow, but for whatever reason, (we have suspicions, but that's all they are...these suspicions are rather untasty and shady) they have decided that even though they have worked in this area before.

NEVER before has there been a ship found from this time period. Never before has one been found with this degree of preservation. With all the wonderful architectural achievements from Britain over the last 1000 years or so, *I* would think there would be a way to shore up any unsafe environments, especially given the archeaological importance of this find.

Please, send a letter, requesting the Newport Council reconsider their decision not to excavate the stern of the ship. If it's not safe to excavate, we need to find a way to make it safe. (The UK has been around for many centuries, and have many noble accomplishments much more difficult. Mankind has put a man on the moon for crying out loud. We can find a a way to safely excavate the stern. And the Brits have been known for architectural prowess for hundreds of years.)

If you have questions, I can be reached at The places we need letters sent (and we need lots of them, from all over, very quickly) are:

National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
Cardiff, CF99 1NA

House of Commons
London, SW1A 0AA

Newport City Council
Civic Center
Newport, South Wales, NP20 4UR

Paper letters are the best, and please send copies to ALL of the above... If you have the time, please CC them to:

Friends of the Newport Ship
3-4 North Street
Newport, South Wales, NP20 1JZ

There are also links for instructions for email campaigns as well. If you have any attachments to museums, if they could send letters or emails, that would help as well. Feel free to cross post this plea as far and wide as you can!

How often does the opportunity to save a 15th century ship come up? So far, once in recorded history. Thank you for any support you can lend, time is of the essence and we are losing the battle... With your combined assistance, we might be able to turn it around!

Thank you so much!

William the Lost, Leftenant - Calontir Navy
Mundanely Known As:
William M. Morgan
Friend of the Newport Ship (
National Associate - National Mariner's Museum (


It's the 21st of April. April 21 is the deadline to change the minds of the Newport Council... Sorry about that...

William the (now you know why they call me) Lost