Resurgence of "Old Things"

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! His Grace, Duke Sir Rolf the Relentless has won Crown Tourney in the West! Experts claim return of the "Old Things" is at hand!

On June 24, A.S. 41, in the Barony of Vinhold, His Grace, Duke Sir Rolf the Relentless, fighting for Lady Rhodry ferch Arianwyn, won the West Kingdom Crown Tournament, defeating His Grace, Duke Sir Hauoc Bender, fighting for Her Excellency, Countess Ginevra da Ravenna. This is Duke Rolf's fourth crown in the west (coupled with his three reigns as Prince of Cynagua), his last being some 14 years ago in A.S. 27, and his first dating back to A.S. 17!

Experts at the Old Fart Institute's (O.F.I.) Areawide Research and Education Yard of Ultimate Old Farts, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Elephants, Aardvarks, Decrepit Yaks, Ents and Triceratops (A.R.E.Y.O.U.O.F.F.D.E.A.D.Y.E.T., which also studies Neaderthals Or Primordial oozE [N.O.P.E.]) have suggested that this latest win in Crown Tourney by Duke Rolf is part of a worldwide resurgence of the above-mentioned creatures, collectively to be referred to as "Old Things."

They point to other evidence supporting this theory over the last few years:

  • His Royal Majesty, Duke Sir Radnor of Guildemar is currently serving his 8th reign as King of the West. His last reign was also in A.S. 27, and his first in A.S. 14! Her Royal Majesty, Duchess Ysabeau Cameron, serving in her 3rd reign as Queen, had her last in A.S. 27 (with Radnor) and her first in A.S. 22.
  • His Royal Majesty, Duke Sir Brion Uriel Anthony Tarragon is currently serving his 2nd reign as King of the East (his last there dating to A.S. 33) and his 10th overall reign as king (his previous 8 were as King of Atenveldt and he served as Prince of Artemisia once), with his first dating back to A.S. 20. Her Royal Majesty, Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon, is also serving her 2nd reign as Queen of the East (with Brion) and her 9th overall as queen (7 in Atenveldt, plus princess of Artemisia), with her first reign dating to A.S. 21.
  • His Royal Majesty, Duke Sir Michael of Bedford is currently serving his 8th reign as King of Atlantia. His last reign was in A.S. 33, but he was the first king of Atlantia, which puts his first reign at A.S. 17, and his reign as 3rd Prince of Atlantia is from A.S. 12. Her Royal Majesty, Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn, is serving her 6th term as Queen, with her first reign dating back to A.S. 23.
  • Her Grace, Duchess Angharad Drakenhefd o Fynydd Blaena, first duchess and second queen of An Tir recently stepped down a mere five months ago from her 6th reign as queen. Her last was in A.S. 24; her first was in A.S. 17. "Of course, my first reign was when I was 12," she states any time anyone brings this up.
  • His Grace, Duke Sir Baldar Langstriter also stepped down a mere year ago from his 6th reign as King of Trimaris. His last was in A.S. 30. As first King of Trimaris, his first reign goes back to A.S. 20, and his reign as Prince of Trimaris was in A.S. 19.
  • His Grace, Duke Sir Jade of Starfall, who has served as King of the West 14 times, from A.S. 22 and one-time Prince of the Mists in A.S. 21.

But Jade is not an Old Thing enjoying a comeback," said Atric. "He's just a Mostly Old Thing who has been around pretty consistently since the Bronze Age. He's really the next in the line of Titans such as His Grace, Duke Sir James Greyhelm, who reigned 8 times in the West from A.S. 6 - 25; His Grace, Duke Sir Paul of Bellatrix and Her Grace, Duchess Verena of Laurelin, who reigned 8 times in the West from A.S. 6 - 20; His Grace, Duke Sir Inman MacMoore, who reigned 6 times in Ansteorra from A.S. 17 - 29; His Grace, Duke Sir Trelon of the Wood, who reigned 6 times in Atenveldt and 1 as Prince of An Tir from A.S. 14-30; His Grace, Duke Sir John the Bearkiller, who reigned five times (won six) as king and 1 as prince of Meridies from A.S. 11-27)... There are more, I'm sure of it. We're still searching the records."

Young Turks

This is in direct contrast to the Young Turks, Cannon Fodder, Smart Asses and Lifers (who also qualify as Titans, though not necessarily Gods, on a completely different scale), such as:

  • His Royal Majesty, Duke Sir Sven Falgr Gunarson and Her Royal Majesty, Duchess Signy Oxendahl, King and Queen of An Tir, who are serving their 4th reign, their first dating back to only A.S. 32.
  • His Royal Highness, Duke Sir Lucan von Drachenklaue, who will step up for his 7th reign as King of the East shortly, with his first dating back to A.S. 27, and his reign as Prince of Aethelmearc back to only A.S. 26.

Stuck in Limbo

Then there are those who are stuck in between the "Old Things" and the "Young Things," such as:

  • Duke Sir Alden of Wolverton (3-time King of the West, A.S. 30-39)
  • Duke Sir Uther Schiemann der Hunt (5-time King of the West, 1-time An Tir & 1-time Prince of the Mists, A.S. 30-40)
  • Duke Sir Balfar von Grunwald & Duchess Luna Athanwulf (4-time King & Queen of the East, A.S. 26-38)
  • Duke Sir Aaron Graves & Duchess Alisandra Gabrielli (4-time King & Queen of Atenveldt, A.S. 31-41)
  • Duke Sir Gareth le Bruin (6-time King of Meridies, A.S. 28-38)

Et cetera.

"These people who are in limbo are neither old nor young. They are probably just timeless," Atric said, adding cryptically, "but only time will tell."

Stay tuned for more developments!

More Old Things

HRM Artan MacAilin, 1st Duke of the Outlands, has taken the throne of the Outlands for the 6th time. His last was in A.S. 30; his first in A.S. 22. His consort, HRM Aziza also reigned last in A.S. 30 and first in A.S. 25.

HSH Tjorkill Kanne, Prince of the Mists, will be stepping down soon. His last reign was as King of An Tir in A.S. 29; his first was in 24.

HRH Dag Thorgrimsson is Crown Prince of Midrealm and looking towards his 5th reign. His last was only in A.S. 35, but his first was A.S. 25.

HRH Lorell of Shrewsbury is Crown Prince of Calontir and looking towards his 3rd reign. His last was in A.S. 28; his first in A.S. 23.

And some of the Young Turks & Limboes are also back in the news. TRH Sven & Signy of An Tir are back for a 5th reign soon. HRH Uther Schiemann der Hunt is Crown Prince of the West. Again. This will mark his 6th reign as West King and 7th overall.

Keep watching for more news of...The Old Things!