Photos from Drachenwald's Double Wars Posted

Jonas Evertsson has posted several albums of photos from the Kingdom of Drachenwald's Double Wars XIX.

The largest event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, Double Wars XIX took place May 19-28, 2006 in the Shire of Attemark (Hästveda, Sweden).

Wrong country :)

That should read: Hästveda, Sweden as opposed to Finland.

Wrong country

Oops! My apologies to the citizens of both countries! Apparently my grasp of Nordic languages and place names is not all it should be. ;-)

Again, apologies!


You mean you're not fluent

You mean you're not fluent in Swedish? Tisk, Tisk, grave oversight. What will the nine million people of this enormous nation think of you?

Seriously, I think we can forgive you :)

I also meant to add, in my previous comment, that you did not necessarily need to publish it, just change the text of the announcement, but I suppose it's too late now.

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