Geoffrey Chaucer Interviews Paris Hilton

Our boy Geoffrey Chaucer is at it again! This time he interviews Paris Hilton on his blog.

"She's yonge, she's sexie, she's riche: Interviewe wyth Parys

PARYS LAUNCECRONA nedeth nat an introduccioun to gentil folke – but ye churles who lyve in smal holes and knowe nat of societee, knowe that Parys beth the daughter of an riche stewarde and hosteler of Boheme, who dide yplace her yn the courte of Anne of Bohemia. Syn gode Queene Anne hath come to Englande to wedde Kyng Richarde, Parys hath ben the talke of Londoun. The merchant Nichol Brembre hath seyde that ‘a feeste withoute Paris ys lyk a Lombard wythout redy cash.’ And the very paragon of fashion Michael de la Pole did recentlie remarke: ‘Yt maketh litel difference if we winne Fraunce, for mooste of vs haue alredy taken Parys.’ The croniclez do reporte that she hath been sene ycanoodlinge with no lessere a lemman than Robert de Vere, the hippe, yonge favourite of Kyng Richarde and of late the Marquis of Ireland (and eek, o scandale! a man yweddede to a grand-dogther of grete King Edward)."