14th Century Manor to Reopen

A 14th Century hall in on the banks of the River Welland in Lincolnshire that was restored with a UKĀ£600,000 lottery grant is reopening as an art gallery and museum. It will contain 10 galleries, including the history of the local fens and how the landscape was created by drainage and reclamation.

Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding, England, was originally built as a home for wool merchant Richard Alwyn and dates to the 1420s-50s. The gardens are of great historical importance, because some horticulturists believe it to be a rare, possibly unique, surviving example of an early 18th century (laid out by William Sands circa 1730) town garden and has retained the integrity of its original boundaries for at least the last 300 years.

It is also rumoured to have its own ghost, "The White Lady," who roams the halls of the manor.