Woodland Romp IV

I'd like to extend a cordial invitation to the Freehold of Skerjastrond's camping event Woodland Romp IV, sponsored by Darkstone, July 21-23, 2006.

In the manner of Master Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," we are hoping for an eclectic group of travelers; whether bard, warrior, pilgrim, bard, noble, yeoman, or more bards to share their tales of journeys past and present. The event is intended to be a congenial gathering of wanderers who pass time resting from their travels with games, tales, song, a little learning, a scavenger hunt loosely based on Chaucer's Tales, maybe dance, a wonderful Chaucerian feast, and convivial companionship.

Pending the presence of a warranted marshal, pick-up fights would be possible on Saturday, as well as a possible regional fighter practice early Sunday at the marshal's discretion.

It will be held at the rustic area of the Little Trout Lake Campground in Gwinn, MI, which is the former KI Sawyer Air Force Base about 20 miles south of Marquette. The site opens at 3pm 7/21, and closes by dusk 7/23. The site is discreetly damp.

This is at a different site from our previous Romps; unfortunately the rules changed at our lovely old site.

Preregistration forms and more event info can be found at our Freehold website http://bruhaha.dyndns.org:8080/Skerjastrond/Pages/WoodlandRompIV.htm

Lord Andrew the Tinker has consented to repeat his stellar performance from last year as Feast Steward. If there are any food concerns, contact him at cinerius@hotmail.com Location:
Freehold of Skerjastrond (Gwinn, Michigan)