Lochac Gets in the (Side)Swing of Things

According to Richard Cullinan, Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Lochac will begin participation in the sidesword technique for rapier fighting beginning at Festival 2003. At this year's Festival in Lochac, Don Greybeard will begin teaching sidesword techniques to Lochac's rapier fighters. He will be giving a presentation and training session at Festival, April 18, 2003 at noon on the rapier list field. Richard Cullinan, Lochac's Rapier Marshal, hopes for participation and commentary from those fighters interested in this experimental fighting style. The rules for sidesword technique can be found at:
and the authorization form is at:

Lord Richard adds that prior authorization in rapier or heavy combat is not required for participation. For more information, contact Richard Cullinan at rapier@sca.org.au .