Drachenwald to Sponsor 10th Year Commemorative T-Shirt Competition

Aethstan of Wortham has announced that the deadline for entries for Drachenwald's Ten Year T-Shirt competition has been extended to April 7, 2003. Dear all,

We have had some wonderful entries for the Ten Year T-Shirt competition, and they will soon be on display for your voting.


they are all from the same person! To add a little more spice, we are extending the closing date to the 7th of April, so there is still time for a few last entries. To remind you of the rules:

As part of our birthday celebrations to Drachenwald's ten years as a kingdom, a Drachenwald T-Shirt project is in planning. Special Drachenwald 10 Year shirts - and other products - will be available for purchase on-line and "live" at the 10 Year event in June. As well as providing a lot of fun, these T-Shirts will also help the Kingdom financially, as part of the sales price will go to Kingdom funds.

Perhaps your design will be the one to grace the "Official DW Ten Year Shirt"?

I call on all our Kingdom's artists, scribes, comedians and philosophers to invent a motif for the official commemorative shirt. A logo, a design, a cartoon, a phrase - draw it up and send it to me. All submitted designs will be displayed on-line for voting, and the winner will be printed and offered for sale worldwide and at the DW10Y celebration.

These are the rules of the competition:

1) All entries must reach the organisers by the 7th of April. Please send them to adamstjohn@aol.com
2) All entries should be suitable for printing on T-shirts, and also on mugs, hats, mouse-mats, underwear and other products as judged appropriate by the organisers.
3) The entry should commemorate the tenth birthday celebrations of Drachenwald. The design may be text, graphics or a combination of both.
4) All entries should be in a format suitable for electronic cloth printing (see notes). If other formats or artwork are sent, every reasonable attempt will be made to digitise them in a suitable way. However, they may simply prove unprintable.
5) All entries must be the artist's own work.
6) The winning design will be selected by popular on-line vote. Each voter is entitled to one vote only.
7) Entry implies that the artist accepts these rules, and agrees to their design being used for printing on T-shirts, and also on mugs, hats, mouse-mats, underwear and other products as judged appropriate by the organisers. They agree that representatives of Drachenwald (a sub-unit of the SCA) may offer these products for sale and that any monies raised will become the property of Drachenwald. The winning design will become the property of Drachenwald, but will be accredited wherever possible.

Aethstan of Wortham (Adam Lawrence)
Orianne d'Avallon (Hedwig Riebe, supervising)

Cheers, and good designing!



* Designs should be created at 120 dpi.
* Designs must be created in RGB or CMYK mode.
* The design must be the same size as it will appear on the shirt. (Note: some vector graphic designs may be suitable. Please contact me if you are interested.)
* If the design is not rectangular, please use "transparencies" so that we can print on various colours. Please remember, transparencies can only be saved as *.gif and *.png files.
* After making your design, please save it as a *.png, *.tif, *.bmp, *.jpg or *.tif file. If you use *.jpg please use only minimal compression.