Missing daughter from Artemisia located, safe and sound

We're pleased to report that Staci Jones, the daughter of Marjorie Jones of the Shire of Arrow's Flight (Provo, Utah) in Artemisia, has been found and is safe with relatives. Staci was reported missing on June 15.

Staci has been located and is unharmed. Apparently, she was picked up by along the highway while hitchhiking and taken to Cedar City, California (near San Diego) by persons whose intent is still unclear. When they were unwilling to bring her back to Utah as she requested, she left their home and boarded a trolley, but got lost and confused. Eventually she was spotted by a trolley system employee, who used his cell phone to alert authorities. Staci is now staying with her Great Aunt and Uncle in San Diego, until transportation back to Utah can be arranged.

Thanks to all who helped to look for the missing girl, and thanks to Therasia von Tux, who alerted SCAtoday.net to her having been found. Staci's mother, Marjorie, says some very nice things on her web site about the support she received from SCA folk.

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