Pennsic to Host 1st Annual Known World Brewers' Meet and Greet

Atlantia's Royal Encampment at the Pennsic War will be the site of the first annual Known World Brewers' "Meet and Greet" and Tasting. Lady Daria of Atlantia writes:

The 1st Annual Known World Brewers Meet and Greet/Tasting
Wed Aug 13 from 3pm till 7pm at Atlantian Royal

Brewers of the Known World are invited to come together and talk and taste all things brewed. Atlantian Royal has graciously offered their camp to us for this event. It is asked that all attendees have their Mundane ID on them to avoid any issues.

Please bring some beverages you wish to share with you, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Please direct questions to Lady Daria of Atlantia at

In Service and Happy Brewing

I know I am being picky but.....

Annual means it is a recurring event. Unfortunately if something is the first then it is not recurring but it is occuring for the first time. Therefore it should be titled First Known World Brewers Meet and Greet/Tasting and if it occurs next year then it would be the 2nd Annual Known World Brewers Meet and Greet/Tasting.