Lilies Produces Record Number of Peerages

Lilies War 2006: Laurels vs. Pelicans is being called the "Lilies of Love" owing to the large number of peerages (9) bestowed by Their Majesties.

According to Elasait on the Calontir list, the following were elevated at Lilies War:

  • Duncan Fathmbjorn: Knighthood
  • Sioneach: Laurel
  • Clef of Civedale: Knighted on the field
  • Constantia Innocenti: Laurel
  • David Friedrich von Einbach: Laurel
  • Cara Withers: Laurel
  • Aiobheann: Laurel
  • Mikhail: Pelican
  • Lynette: Pelican

Minor Correction

Duncan, Clef, Seonaid, and Lynette were the only ones elevated to the appropriate Peerage during the course of Lilies. Constantia, David, Cara, Aoibheann, and Mikhail were only announced to their respective Peerage; their elevations will happen in the upcoming months.