Field of the Cloth of Gold

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! My Lords and Ladies! To every man, woman and child of the realm, good gentles all! Their Excellencies Thorvald and Bianca, the Founding Baronage of Gryphon's Lair invite you to the Lair's Premiere Baronial Championship. Come one, come all and join us on "The Field of the Cloth of Gold", A Celebration of the Tournament.

Field of the Cloth of Gold/ Baronial Championships Barony of Gryphon's Lair

June 24, 2006
Ogden, Utah

In 1520 Henry was persuaded to forge an alliance with France against the Holy Roman Empire. A meeting was arranged between the two monarchs at a location just outside Calais, a bit of unremarkable countryside between the villages of Ardres and Guines. When it was determined that the castles of both villages were in too great a state of disrepair to house the courts, they camped in fields, Francis at Ardres and Henry at Guines. This was no ordinary camping expedition, however; huge pavilions were erected to serve as halls and chapels, and great silken tents decorated with gems and cloth of gold. It is this ostentatious display of wealth and power that earned the meeting-place between Francis and Henry the sobriquet "The Field of the Cloth of Gold". The meeting lasted for three weeks (June 7-June 24, 1520), during which time each court strove to outdo the other in offering splendid entertainments and making grandiose gestures. Feasts and jousts were held, including a tilt between Henry and Francis themselves. Balls, masques, fireworks, and military sports were just some of the activities on offer.

In spirit of this great gathering, we wish to rekindle the fire of the tournament with all of the glory, pageantry and splendor of the Middle Ages to determine our Champion of Cote Armor and Champion of Rapier.

Her Excellency demands a Champion of exquisite caliber. The champions shall not only be tested for martial prowess, but on other aspects of medieval life. Thusly there shall be two phases to the tournament. The Tournaments and the Trials.

The Tournaments themselves shall be of the three weapons variety:
For the Cote:

  • Sword and shield
  • Single sword
  • Spear

For the Rapier:

  • Sword and buckler
  • Single blade
  • Case of Rapier

The trials shall consist of a letter of intent, an arts and sciences entry, performance, basic heraldic knowledge, heraldic display, leisure arts, and wooing for a favor. Click here for more information

Please bring your period sunshades, banners, pennons, flags and pomp to spice the mix.

The Feast: shall be a potluck affair with diners providing a side dish to serve 6 and the Barony providing the grilled on site meats. (Yes a B.B.Q.) Feast fee is only $3.00 and contact the feast coordinator by 18 June to reserve and volunteer for your potluck item.

The Site: Rohmer Park Pavilion: 625 W. 5100 S. Washington Terrace, UT.

Directions to Field of the Cloth of Gold site:
Take your best route to I-15. Exit at the Riverdale, UT exit. 1: Start out going NORTHEAST on W RIVERDALE RD 2: Turn RIGHT onto 40th. 3. Turn right onto WASHINGTON Blvd. 4: Turn RIGHT onto W 5000 S. 5: W 5000 S becomes S 600 W. 6: Turn RIGHT onto W 5100 S. 7: End at Rhomer Park, W 5100 S, Ogden, UT

The site fee is $5.00
$2.50 for children between 4-14
family cap of $15.00
$3.00 non-member surcharge applies.

Pets with responsible, leashed, owners are welcome and the site is dry, no glass bottles and period containers only please. Fire regulations will be announced at site depending on conditions.

Autocrat: Sextus Papellous Caesidious
Feast Autocrat: Robert Bedlam

Schedule of Events
8:00 AM Set-Up crew on site
9:30 AM Site Opens
10:00 AM Event Herald Opens Event
10:30 AM Opening Court
11:30 AM Courtship Castle
12:00 - 1:00 PM Heraldry Test, Leisure Arts & Lunch
1:00 PM Rapier Tournament
3:00 PM Armored Tournament
5:00 PM Entertainment Performances/Bardic
6:00 - 7:00 PM Clean up and Set-Up for Feast
7:00 - 8:00 PM Feast
8:00 PM Closing Court Begins
10:00 PM Event Closes/Clean up and Tear Down
11:00 PM Final Walk of site & Off Site   Location:
Barony of Gryphon's Lair (Terrace, Utah)