St. Vitas' Dance Weekend

St Vitas' dances back to town. There will be two days of all kinds of dance and dance related classes.

5-6 August 2006

The competition dances for the Bal d'Argent will be taught! Come and get ready for Lochac's premier dance event!

This year there will be music classes as well!

And of course we will also have a Feast and Ball on the Saturday night. All that and lunches too.... :)

Full Weekend: $33 SCA Members & SCA College Memb./$35 Non-Memb./$39 Not Booked.
One day plus Feast & Ball: $23/$25/$29.
Feast & Ball only: $13/$15/$19.
Bookings by 2 August.

Billeting can be organised - contact Joanna.

Please let us know any special dietary requirements as early as possible, so we can be sure of being able to feed you. Contact Joanna about family discounts and short stays.

Joanna of the Beechwoods [Joanna Keenan]

Starts: 10am Saturday (Feast & Ball 6:30pm) and 10am Sunday.
Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Hall
Mortimer Lewis Drive, Greenway, ACT, on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong.

Parents are reminded that they are responsible for their children being safe and not disrupting classes.

Dance Classes (So Far.............)
Delbert von Stra├čburg will most likely teach some 15th Century Dances.

Brian le faucheeur will teach you things you don't know about the Known World Basse Dance, and how to remember the things you do.

Joanna of the Beechwoods will teach you Feldelta ( Caroso - as many as will) and Ill Villanicco (Negri for 4), and the REAL Known Worlde Galliard and Ly Bens Distonys, too, if she can't con anyone else into doing it.

Music Classes (So Far........)
Crispin Sexi will teach you William Bathe's Method for Two Parts in One and do a Musical Instrument Show & Tell.

Geoffrey of Exeter will teach you How to Sing

Mathilde Adycote will teach you how to sing stuff from the Rowany Festival Songbook

And of course there will be a Dance Band Practice........................................ Location:
Politarchopolis (Lake Tuggeranong, ACT, Australia)