The Sporadic Verses

Claimed to be "The Finest in SCA Satire Since AS Twentysomething", the Sporadic Verses is a humor site aimed at the SCA community.

From the site's author:

For the moment you will have to use your imagination to fill in this introductory material - but remember, the Sporadic Verses were banned in at least one Kingdom, so they must be good!

The Reviews are in. The critics agree: The Verses are words written on paper!

"I'd tell you how much I like them, but I'd have to kill you...and then myself" - Birdie, Agent of PELICAN, Villains, Schemers and Authenticist's Quarterly.

"As bad as Bill's Poetry" - Master Shadrach Darkmane, Laurel of Laurels, who needs no introduction.

"I like it, especially after Melrose explained it to me", Archduke Lancelot Soloflex.

I never thought it would get this far

I can't believe they actually are promoting this site! - Mistress Offensensitiva Prissy