"The World of Chaucer" Online

A web version of The World of Chaucer: Medieval Books and Manuscripts is now available on the website of the University of Glasgow. The site includes reproductions of manuscripts from the exhibition catalog.

From the introduction to the exhibition catalog:

"The popularity of the ‘father of the English language’ never seems to wane, while the magic of the Middle Ages increasingly holds us in thrall. This exhibition of fourteenth and fifteenth-century books, hand-made and printed, unites both.

At the centre stand works by Chaucer (1340-1400), three manuscripts and three early printed editions, including the star of the show, The Romaunt of the Rose, the incomplete Middle English translation of the French allegory of love, the Roman de la Rose. Without this unique medieval survivor the work would be unknown save for a few tantalising references to it by Chaucer himself in the prologue to The Legend of Good Women, and by his fellow poets, John Lydgate and Eustache Deschamps. Four further, themed cases, focusing on his contemporaries, his literary precursors, and aspects of medieval culture, afford glimpses into the poet’s world."

Thanks to Karoline Kramer (Zsof) of the Midrealm for the tip.