Pennsic XXXVI to Move Dates

Her Excellency Baroness Rosamund Beauvisage, Mayor for Pennsic War XXXVI, has announced that the 2007 War will take place one week earlier.

Baroness Rosamund writes:

Greetings are extended unto the Seneschals of the Known World from Baroness Rosamund Beauvisage, Mayor of Pennsic 36.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce to you that the Kingdom Seneschals Group (the Seneschals of Aethelmearc, the East, and the Middle, alphabetically), in accordance with the Pennsic Administrative Policy and with the consent of their respective Crowns, has approved a "special project" I have been pursuing for Pennsic War 36 (2007) -- to move the Pennsic War one week earlier in the calendar year. Per the old schedule, Pennsic 36 Troll would have opened on Friday, 3 August 2007 and the site would have closed on Sunday, 19 August 2007. Under the new schedule, Pennsic 36 Troll will open on Friday, 27 July 2007 and the site will close on Sunday, 12 August 2007. Please note that THIS year's (2006) Pennsic (Pennsic War 35), will NOT be affected.

This decision to move Pennsic up a week was not undertaken lightly and was prompted by a steadily-increasing level of concern about the conflict between Pennsic and school calendars. School districts across the country have been starting earlier and earlier, with many routinely starting by the third or fourth week of August, and some as early as the second week (several districts in Florida, for example). This situation has been preventing many parents and their school-age children from attending, especially since many can often only stay for only the first part of War even though they would have to pay for both weeks that way. Some must miss Pennsic altogether. Needless to say, it also affects our members who are educators from kindergarten through college as well as the above mentioned SCA families with school-age children.

I brought it up to the Coopers at the November Pennsic staff meeting, and Dave Cooper was enthusiastically all for the change. Local schools in western Pennsylvania also start earlier than they used to, and that situation cuts into his available labor force for Pennsic. Moreover, the earlier start will give the Coopers an extra week to have the campground ready for Labor Day weekend. Fred Brezel said it would not adversely impact his registration system, since all he would have to do is change dates, which he does anyway. Dave and Fred both opined that announcing it over a year in advance would be fine for making the change. Dave has discussed it with his contractors (the porta-john folks, et al.), and they have said that it poses no problem. Those probably represented the most serious "hard stops" to this idea and those hurdles have been cleared. In fact, at the Aethelmearc War Practice Pennsic staff meeting on May 20th, the Coopers pressed to have this finalized as they want the change. It was at this meeting that the Kingdom Seneschal Group approved the change.

The Kingdoms would obviously have to make some adjustments for this to happen, most importantly, changing their Kingdom laws if Pennsic dates are written into their Law, and changing the last available date to authorize in time for Pennsic. Some events which traditionally have made that a big part of their "marketing" to the populace will either have to drop that as a "draw" or will have to hold their events a week earlier in 2007 and subsequent years. I am hoping that I can count on all of you to facilitate this change. I have asked your Crown to forward the following attachment to your Kingdom Chronicler for inclusion in your Kingdom newsletter's announcements section, and to notify your Kingdom Marshal as soon as possible. The changed schedule will also be announced on the website very soon.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation in publicizing this new schedule.

In service to the Society,

Baroness Rosamund Beauvisage, OP, OL
Mayor, Pennsic War 36


Not that it's much of a problem for anyone really, and not to sound crass or anything, but on what planet is it a good idea to encourage more children at Pennsic? They've nearly reached epidemic proportions as it is.