Barony Wars & Bazaar

Long have The Barony of the Endless Hills and the Barony of Delftwood been peaceful allies, with minor offenses in protocol overlooked, and friendship blooming.  No hint of unease, no glimmer of unhappiness in their relationship...Until now.  Recently there have been rumors of growing hostility, tensions are beginning to run high.  All is not lost, These two mighty Baronies have agreed to meet in Neutral Ground, within the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle's Borders on the weekend of June 9th to the 11th (Camp Sertoma, Johnson Road (no number listed), Windsor, NY).  Rest assured that peaceful negotiations will prevail, and that the rumors of martial recruitment are false.

Barony Wars and Bazaar
Shire of Sterlynge Vayle – Camp Sertoma, Windsor, NY
June 9th - 11th 2006 –Gate opens at 6pm on Friday

There are no signs that the whispers some have claimed to have heard of Baron Rian and Sir Murdoch Bayne recruiting fencers for both tournament and melee fighting are factual.  Nor is Earl Sir Yngvar the Dismal, or Sir Murdoch Bayne actually recruiting heavy weapons fighters for the same.  Their champions will assuredly meet in peace, without sign of conflict or rivalry.

To demonstrate the good will and peaceful intent of the day, there will be an arts and sciences competition, with awards for the best documentation, favorite entry, and most entries from the supporters of a barony.  There will be children’s activities throughout the day.

Come watch and encourage the youth of our fair kingdom, our very future, come out and demonstrate their martial prowess in the spirit of fun and kingdom spirit!

Markets! Sales! Shopping!  Bring you old garb that no longer fits! Do you have Armor that’s for the wrong period?  How about fabric that is to beautiful to get throw out, but you have no ideas of what you can make?  Bring your items and barter/trade/sell!!  There will be tables available at no cost for the Barony Wars Bazaar!

Merchants are welcome with no fee! (Please contact the Autocrat and let him know how much space you will need)

Gates will open at 6 pm on Friday June 9th, and all attendees must leave (or be drafted to assist with clean up) by noon on Sunday.  Martial activities will commence with Fencing inspections at 10 AM.  Heavy fighting will follow the conclusion of the fencing.

Cost: Onboard: $15.00 (includes Lunch and Feast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday);

Off Board: $8.00 (includes lunch). Minors aged 17 to 13 are $1 off full price. Children 6 to 12  are half price, and those under 6 are free (if they will need a seat in the Feast Hall please let us know). There is a family cap of $30.00 off board, or $58.00 Onboard.  Feast is limited to 80, but may change based upon the number of reservations received by May 29th. Our Head chef is James Neidhardt. Please contact him with all allergy, or any other concerns directly via

There is a $3.00 Non Member Surcharge for any person 18 or older, who is unable to show a valid membership card, or other proof of current membership.

To sleep in a bed in the new cabin, the cost is $2 per night. Please include this on your reservation, as there are limited beds, and your bed space reservation will be confirmed. These are actual beds dormitory-style but there are no linens provided. Crash space in the main hall with your own bedding is as always free, and there is camping space available for those willing to set up tents at no additional charge.

Directions: Find your best route to NYS Rt. 17 east of the I-81/Rt. 17 split; then make your way to Exit 76 Haskins Road/Foley Road. There will be signs directing you to Johnson Road and SCA signs. From the east, turn left at the top of the ramp, and take the next 2 lefts. From the west (the direction most of you will take), turn right at the top of the ramp and then take your next left onto Johnson Road. The camp is less than a mile down Johnson Road on the right.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Autocrat Lord Eoghan Rurikson (Robinson Neidhardt) at Location:
Shire of Sterlynge Vayle (Windsor, New York)