Champions of the Isles Chosen in Drachenwald

At Saturday's Champions of the Isles event in Bramhope, England, competitions were held to decide the new Insulae Draconis Champions for Rapier, Heavy Weapons, Archery, and Arts & Sciences. As reported on the Drachenwald list, the Champions of the Isles determined on March 29, 2003 are as follows:

  • Heavy Weapon - Lord Draco Axeblood
  • Light Weapon - Hauptmann Wilreich
    (with the Protectorate of the Isles being Cadet Samual McTavish from An Tir)
  • Arts & Sciences - Three way first because of a combined entry 'Iceland Spring Meal' - Nemet Arpad, Lady Sagadis, and Master SigmundR Honorable mention for Lady Maureen O'Maille for her Herbarium display
  • Junior Catagory - Lady Marie de Besancon
  • Archery - Lord Torkill Mor
  • Best Sport in the Archery competition - Lord LeifR Hrolfsson
  • Most Improved Archer - Lady Rosamund
  • Junior Catagory - Morgan Rees of Hungtindon



For: Hungtindon, surely: Huntingdon?