Dragon's Tear XXII

Shake a turban feather and join the Shire of Stan Wyrm in the XXII tournament of the Dragon's Tear. We've chosen a themed event entitled The Battle for Jerusalem. We plan not only to hold the armored combat tournament but also some melee scenarios including the Battle for Water and the Quest for the Spear of Destiny. Their majesties will be with us to see the halftime show by Mst. Mirr and her ladies.

If you're not so great at wearing a suit of metal, we have the perfect divertissements for you, also! We have planned classes to contrast the development of both middle eastern and European cultures around the time of the crusades and fighters willing, the Artemisian Kennel Club will conduct some games for everyone in its Field Agility Tests (ever see the doggie Olympics stuff on television? Now think "armored people.")

There's lots more afoot here for the Battle for Jerusalem, but you'll have to stay on your toes since it's developing so much! Don't be afraid to call our autocrat *after 3 pm on weekdays* for updates or email. Our feast will be a collaborative effort, so you should contact Marco with any concerns, ideas, or offers to help out.

So you want to know about the site? I'm not going to tell you that it's one of the finest sites in the kingdom; you'll have to see the hall, outbuildings, water feature, cabins, kitchen, and bathrooms with running water, showers, and flush toilets for yourself. I will tell you, though, that if you'd like to stay in a cabin, you should reserve your place quickly. If not, there is ample camping space and merchants are (REALLY) welcome. We simply ask that merchants make a meaningful contribution to the shire of their own choosing.

DIRECTIONS: The location of DT XXII is properly known as Camp Rotary, located 6 miles south of Monarch, MT on state highway 89. FROM GREAT FALLS: head EAST out 10th Ave S and keep going. XX miles down the road, you'll come to an ARMINGTON JUNCTION. TURN RIGHT. You're now on highway MT89. Continue along this road past Monarch (20 miles but don't blink). Now go 6 more miles. The road to the camp will be on the right and starts out with a little bridge over the creek. Follow the access road to its end and you'll find the Battle for Jerusalem. FROM THE SOUTH: Take your best route to White Sulphur Springs/MT highway 89 and head north, about* 60 miles. The road to the camp will be on the left a few miles past Neihart and will be marked. The road starts with a bridge and will have signs to Camp Rotary. Follow the access road to its end and you'll be hacking the Christian invaders to pieces in no time.

Autocrat: Marco dei Caprioli (Jeff Brainard) *see below

Site opens 7 PM Friday, July 14, closes 1 PM Sunday, July 16

Registration: All reservations must include the mundane name, contact information, and age of each member of your part, along with their SCA names. This is a camping event with feast. Please indicate if you are camping with a group. Reservations must be received by July 5th to guarantee your place. Minor waivers are req'd for all under 18 and signed by a parent/guardian. Anyone with questions regarding food allergies should contact the autocrat.

Fees: Adults: $10 site, $10 feast; youth 12-15: $10 site, $5 feast; children 6-11: $5 site, $5 feast, children under 6 eat for free but site is $5. There is a family cap for families of 5 or more of $75. The nonmember surcharge of $3 does apply. Please make checks payable to Shire of Stan Wyrm, SCA Inc.

Send reservations to the autocrat:
Marco dei Caprioli
marcocaprioli@hotmail.com Location:
Shire of Stan Wyrm (Monarch, Montana)

Date Correction

The actual date of the event is JULY 14-16, 2006 not June

Date Correction

The date has been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for providing the correct information. Milica