Grand Tournament of Archery & Procrastinators Brawl

We are here to tell you of a great event taking place on June 9-11, 2006: Grand Tournament of Archery and Procrastinators Brawl (the make up years) It is sure to be an event that the whole family can be a part of.

Location: Camp Rotary, 20505 29 Mile Road, Ray Township, MI

Fees: Adults $8, Children 5 to 13 $3, Children under 5 are free Camping is $5 per tent, Merchant $5

This is a Wet site and dogs are allowed.

Pre-reg is closed, but there is merchent space still available.

Contact Lady Sigrid at To have a space saved for you. Some of the event Activities are:

  • Archery:
    Novelty shoots, and a Special Challenge shoot for those who wish to test there skill. Practice range will be open all day, and loaner gear is available.
  • Youth:
    Youth Archery, Boffers (with a prize tourney), Classes, and a Youth Procrastinators A&S display.
  • Dancing:
    Dance classes for Saturday June 10th
    11:00-12:30 Lady Revesz Jlona
    Danse de Cleves
    Heralds in Love
    Jenny Pluck Pears
    Le Bens Distonys
    My Lady Cullen

    12:30-2:00 Lady Sorcha Anrighil
    Black Alman
    Montard Bransle
    Maltese Bransle the *PERIOD* way!
    Burly Mariners
    Quen Quer Que
    Rostiboli Gioioso

    2:00-3:00 Lady Adele Desfontaines
    Ballo del Fiore
    Petit Vriens
    Vita di Cholino

    With a Ball at 7:00pm
    Dance Coordinator Lady Revesz Jlona (mka Lydia Revesz)

  • Torchlight Team Tourney Saturday Night!
    Each team will be made up of 1 Fencing and 2 Heavy fighters. Each team will enter the list together to face another team. Best 2 out of 3 in that list wins that round. Double elimination. One Knight per team please.
  • Fencing and Heavy activities all day!
  • Food Taverns all day Saturday and a Pancake breakfast Sunday to those who stay the weekend.
  • Hafla after dark Saturday night.

    Please see the web site for more details at

    Send questions to Location:
    (Ray Township, Michigan)