Red Hot Rapier III: No Parley!

The Shire of Turmstadt presents to you 48 hours dedicated to rabid rapiers, foil follies, epicurean epees and gargoyled gorgets, plus several other atrocious attempts at alleged alliterations. We don't mind if you bring your Heavy stuff, too, your A&S projects and whatever else you like, but do so at your own risk: This shall be one event where fencing has priority, and we'll schedule nothing but fencing. (Oh, yes, if bychance the King and Queen popped in, we may make an exception for them and have a Court...)

There's plenty of space for heavy and light fighter's practices and even for A&S classes; if somebody is willing to hold a class, he or she is more than welcome to... we make it up as we go.

We will also feature the notorious Rapier Rugby (tm) again (aka the marshal's nightmare), plus sundry pastimes for those of a less martial nature. So don't even bother to look for an excuse not to come.

As usual, it is recommended that you check the DML or the Shire website before the event for updates.

Jugendzeltplatz Bug Schleuseninsel (no street address)

Site opens: Friday, September 1st, 18h00
Site closes: Sunday, September 3rd, 14h00
Site is handicapped accessible. It's a large campground with limited crash space in the hall, but lots of showers and toilets. The site owners are a bit restrictive regarding pets, so please make arrangements with the steward beforehand. Site is moderately wet.

Route directions:
By car, make your way to A73 between Bamberg and Nurnberg (Southern Germany, that is). At exit "Forchheim Nord", follow the SCA signs, or signs pointing you to "Schleuse" and "Jugendzeltplatz Schleuseninsel". (A map will be available on the shire website soon.) By public transport, Forchheim is a stop for many trains; the next major airport is Nurnberg. Make appointments with the steward, if possible in advance, and we're going to pick you up.

Site Fee:
18 Euro. Children (-14 years): 9 Euro. SCA-member-discount: 2 Euro. No family will pay more than 40 Euro. Includes 2 soups (Friday and Saturday), 2 breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday) and feast on Saturday. We plan to have a tavern operational. Please inform us about allergy and dietary restrictions with your reservation. All payment details you will get with your confirmed reservation. Please do reserve. It'll make life a bit easier for us.

Event Steward: Herrin Anna von Silvenhain,
Marshal in Charge: Baron Agilmar von Sevelingen,
Feast Steward: Master Athestan of Wortham, Location:
Shire of Turmstadt (Forchheim Germany)