Pirates, Knaves and Idiots


Sand Creek Campground
5861 Old Hwy 14 Beulah
WY 82712*

Get off I90 at Beulah Wyoming, turn left off tha freeway, an follow the dirt road an follow tha signs, we'll get ye thar!

Site opens as soon as ye get thar on Thursday and closes when yer leave on Sunday. (Let's say 3PM on Thursday and Noon on Sunday just ta make tha rules Goobs happy.)

$10 Per Person or $20 Per Family. This is for tha entire event, not per day! Feaste is $10 per person an will cover supper on Friday an Saturday Night. Children 10 an under are $5, lap sitters an plate sharers (Toddlers) are messy but free.

Friday night will be a nice assortment of breads, cheeses and features a fine Period stew of Apples and Pork. Saturday night will be gobets of GREAT BEASTE (Buffalo) on a stick roasted over a fire with an assortment of sides as well as bread an cheese. Feast is proudly supplied by tha Brotherhood of tha Crimson Cup.

THA SITE IS PRIMITIVE an NOT HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE!! BRING >WATERFOODLIGHTS Thar be no lightin here, bring yer own. Keep an eye on yer kiddies, a small swift river runs through the site. If yer be wantin to bathe in the river, use enviromentally friendly stuff only! The river is absolutely clear an stocked with fish an we want ter leave it that way. Boil tha creek water if ye want ta use it. We'll be using stakes an colored tape ta mark off the poisoned ivy we find. Thar be thousands of Oak Galls since tha site is an Oak Grove. If ye need some to try out period ink, this is tha place ter get it. Come sit by tha fire, tell yer best stories, sing yer finne songs, make us laugh, an have a good time.

Thar be fire sites or bring yer own pit, ya might want ta bring wood. (Please bring shovels an stuff ter put out that fire. A fire extinguisher an shovel is recommended fer every camp.) Yer need need ta bring your tables an chairs an feast gear fer feast.

Thar will be a new Champion of The Frivolous Order of Tables Grace Chosen at this event. Remember, this isn't period finery necessarily, it's tha pretty stuff. Tha most beautiful table will be chosen.

Tha tribes are welcomed ta be bringing thar drums an dancing can go on all night if ye please. We've got a nice place a little distant from sleepers fer tha noisemakers an partiers.

Bring yer knowlege of tha wild plants, you may find a Morel or two. But beware, deadly water Hemlock grows thar. Thar were no rattlers in evidence, but they do live in Wyoming and South Dakota, so going barefooted an poking at little holes in the ground isn't recommended. Thar be river swifts and cliff swallows that swoop the river to eat the bugs to entertain ye. Thar be wild flowers in abundance to amaze ye, an coyotes far up on the ridge line to lull ye to sleep at night. Great bloody noise makers (two, three, and four wheeled trail makers) are forbidden to anything but the roads and thar be few of them now to be used. So at night, tha silence is complete. Thar be meadows for gazing the stars. This be a wildlife and wild bird reserve. Bring containers for yer trash.

Thar will be fightin if tha Marshals show up an Thrown Weapons. Thars to be at least one class fer tha Kiddies on Kite Makin; a treasure hunt an a codpiece contest an a wet chemise contest an a arts an sciences competition an a brewin competition for serious entries if thar be any of yer a commin.

Fer Arts and Sciences, thar will be an open catagory (no Documentation), Childrens Toys(with Documentation), and Jesters Garb(with Documentation).

Beware tha IDIOT! Tha idiot will be clearly marked. It will cost yer a quarter ta get rid of tha idiot for half an hour, or $3.00 to be idiot free fer tha entire weekend. (Tha's tha official idiot, can't make any promises about tha unplanned ones.)

Merchants be welcome, but make sure ye've got yer papers in case the WYO Wardens come a sniffin around.

Fer tha camping inhibited, thar be Spearfish about 11 miles away with some pretty nice inns an pubs an a hospital an vittallers an Sir Wally's Mart an Sir Cey's Mart an all things not of our knowin. Tha little Stateline Store right at tha exit has emergency supplies and can refill propane tanks.

WHAT YE WAITING FOR? Get aholt of tha Idiocrat (Event Steward), Lady Skye at noiregarde@gmail.com Well, at least let er know if ye be a commin or naught. It's only right, yer see.

*Yep, we know it's in Outlands. Don' be worryin yer little heart, tha Kingdom Seneschal, Dear Lady that she is, has tha situation in hand. Besides, only a Pirate would dare it, only a Knave would do it, an only an Idiot would think it up! Location:
Noiregarde (Beulah, Wyoming)